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What New Moms Who Voted For Biden Are Now Saying Proves He Was The Wrong Choice!

If all politics is local, then Joe Biden has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to the new moms that voted for him!

Growing up, I heard of plenty of old sayings. As I got older and got more interested in politics, there was one that continues to stick with me: all politics is local. Go back and read that again: all. politics. is. local.

What this basically means is that while national candidates will give out a litany of promises and platitudes about the environment, war, peace, and America’s place in the world, the most important things are often the issues that would directly affect the average person.

Thus, it is time to pose a question to the Biden-voting moms: have you priced diapers lately? Tissues? Toilet paper?

You might have noticed that there are some newcomers in the neighborhood and no, it isn’t just family members visiting people for Halloween. No, this monster is something much worse: inflation. Moreover, this brings another political phrase to mind: elections have consequences.

The 2020 election continues to negatively affect American interests in Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, and along the southern border as well. However, in the most basic of areas – taking care of small children and infants – new parents know that they must be careful to budget as much as possible. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Biden has their back because there continues to be inflation on a day-to-day basis on these household commodities.

“The Kimberly-Clark Company recently announced higher costs for baby-, child- and adult-care products and Scott toilet tissue,” WYZZ-TV said in a report last week. “This is the company’s second price hike of the year.

“The maker of Kleenex tissues and Huggies diapers is blaming labor, freight and material prices and shortages … Recently, Proctor & Gamble and Unilever also released information on price hikes to offset supply chain issues.”

If you think that running a household without diapers, tissues, or toilet paper is easy, then try doing it when there is rampant inflation and needy little ones running around. This will no doubt lead to increased stress, especially if one is a single parent or a brand-new parent.

If it was just diapers or paper products, that would be bad enough. However, the prices for meat, fish, poultry and eggs rose by at least 10.5 percent in the past year. And that isn’t even talking about what we are seeing at the gas pump either.

Again, this is probably due to the fact that “elections have consequences.”

However, now the usual suspects are flip-flopping, with leftist media such as Intelligencer saying things such as “Bidenomics has proved to be a smashing success.” Couple that with the Washington Post saying that “Biden officials are struggling to explain an economic recovery like no other” and NBC News with their quote that “Biden is counting on a robust economic recovery to keep his popularity and his agenda alive” and you have a lot of propaganda going on.

But there are still a few establishment outlets that haven’t been able to overlook this. “It’s time to sound the inflation alarm in the White House,” CNN Business expert Matt Egan wrote in a May Analysis.

Even with Egan’s warning, he is still the typical yes man, and he is now saying that we are going to be spared from – gasp! – the nightmare of collapsing prices. “For many years, the nightmare for the US economy was a Japanese-style spiral of falling prices,” he wrote.

Baloney. Low prices have not been a problem for this country since the depression of 90 years ago.

To his credit, Egan referred to a Washington Post Op-Ed in which Lawrence Summers, a top U.S. Treasury official from the Clinton era, where he said that despite the claims of the Biden Administration this inflation is not temporary.

These alarms from Egan and Summers were five long months ago! Since that time, the annual inflation has been hovering at a less-than-perfect 5 percent and shows no signs of slowing down.

But oh well, the dems got what they wanted. Elections DO have consequences after all, and at least they don’t have to worry about scary orange man tweeting something mean. But boy, I would take some mean tweets right now over inflation any day of the week, that is for sure.


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