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What Rand Paul Did Could Land Fauci In PRISON!

Rand Paul continues to be dedicated to telling the truth, and what he just said about Dr. Fauci could cause him some serious problems indeed.

Senator Rand Paul has actually had a number of run-ins with Dr. Fauci while he was testifying about the funding of the gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China. To make a long story short, Fauci fibbed and said that the National Institutes of Health hadn’t funded the research. However, come to find out, they actually had indeed funded the research. Of course, Senator Paul issued a criminal referral for Fauci last July…whatever, pray tell, happened to that?

The NIH just released a statement where they tried to set the record straight in regards to the research in Wuhan, China. As it turns out, they are now claiming that they did indeed fund the research. However, they are now throwing EcoHealth Alliance chairman Peter Daszak under the bus by saying that they had ‘violated terms and conditions of the NIH grant.”

Richard Ebright tweeted in regards to the fact that these two frauds lied and he brazenly listed each of the offenses below:

“Fauci and Collins blatantly lied to Americans about what was going on in Wuhan, China. Will they be punished?”

Ebright went on to describe at least 8 different violations:

Violation 1:

“No funds are provided and no funds can be used to support gain-of-function research covered under the October 17, 2014 White House Announcement (NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-15-011).”

Violation 2:

“Should any of the MERS-like or SARS-like chimeras generated under this grant show evidence of enhanced virus growth greater than 1 log over the parental backbone strain you must stop all experiments with
these viruses”

Violation 3:

“Should any of the MERS-like or SARS-like chimeras generated under this grant show evidence of enhanced virus growth greater than 1 log over the parental backbone strain you must..provide…NIAID Program Officer and Grants Management”
Violation 4:

‘Progress reports document grantee recipient accomplishments and compliance with terms of the award. Progress reports…are due the 15th of the month preceding the month in which the budget period ends” (e.g., if the budget period ends 11/30, the due date is 10/15).”

Violation 5:

“Effective February 9, 2017, if the recipient organization has submitted a renewal application on or before the date by which a…Final-RPPR..would be required for the current competitive segment, then submission of an ‘Interim-RPPR’ via eRA Commons is now required.”

Violation 6:

“NIAID defines a Highly Pathogenic Agent as an infectious Agent or Toxin that may warrant a
the biocontainment safety level of BSL3 or higher..When submitting future Progress Reports indicate at the beginning of the report…

“….If your IBC or equivalent body or official has determined, for example, by conducting a risk assessment, that the work being planned or performed under this grant may be conducted at level that is lower than BSL3.”

Violation 7:

“When submitting future Progress Reports indicate at the beginning of the report:
Any changes in the use of the Agent(s)..including its restricted experiments that have resulted in a change in the required biocontainment level, and any..change in location”

Violation 8:

“When submitting future Progress Reports indicate at the beginning of the report:
If work with a new or additional Agent(s) proposed in the upcoming project period, provide..list of the new and/or additional Agent(s) that will be studied”

Now, we are getting to the criminal referral for Fauci that Senator Paul issued for him last July.

Senator Rand Paul has now announced to Sean Hannity that he is planning on sending a letter to the Department of Justice in an effort to receive a criminal referral for Dr. Fauci because he lied to Congress. Of course, he probably won’t get that far, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

This is coming after a heated exchange where Rand Paul was in complete control of the Senate hearing and totally grilled Dr. Fauci over the funding for the Wuhan lab.

Rand Paul is a former physician and he knows full well that viruses that are in nature will only infect animals had been manipulated at the Wuhan lab so that they could “gain the function” of infecting humans. Again, Paul has a medical background, so he knows all too well that this is possible.

Rand Paul was in perfect form, and he rattled the embattled Dr. Fauci today by reminding him that lying to Congress is a crime that is punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

He reminded the doctor of a previous statement that he had made before congress where he declared that the “NIH has not ever nor will it ever fund Gain-of-Function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.” And then Senator Paul asked Fauci if he wanted to retract this statement.

For whatever reason, Dr. Fauci looked terribly unsettled. He then repeated a previous statement where he said, “Senator Paul, I have never lied before the congress, and I do not retract that statement.”

Reaching the crux of the matter, Senator Paul read from the NIH’s own document, noting that they defined gain-of-function research in this manner: “scientific research that increases the transmissibility among mammals, is ‘gain of function.’”

Senator Paul finished up by referring to the work done by the Wuhan Lab, noting that they “took animal viruses that only occur in animals, and they increased their transmissibility to humans.”

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