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Why Trump Is Testifying PROVES The Witch Hunt Is Still On!

President Trump continues to be a busy guy even though he is no longer in office, but some of this stuff is just totally asinine. For example, President Trump was ordered to give a videotaped deposition on October 18 regarding his actions in regards to an attack on some Mexican protesters at Trump Tower in 2015. These protesters are claiming that they were attacked outside of Trump Tower due to the former President’s comments regarding illegal aliens when he was running for president in 2015 and 2016.

Just to jog your memory here, one of the main reasons why this lawsuit continues to gain steam is because many are falsely accusing Trump of saying that all of the illegal aliens that were pouring over the border were nothing more than rapists. Of course, that’s not what he said, but these liberals will twist anything and take anything out of context to fit their narrative.

Naturally, the media lied even further, claiming that Trump had said that all Mexicans were rapists. Moreover, this led to Trump opponent Hillary Clinton going on the offensive against Trump and claiming that he was a rapist so she could possibly score more votes in the 2016 election.

This also led to a group of Mexican suing Trump and claiming that the reason they were attacked at Trump Tower was solely due to his comments regarding illegal aliens during the 2015 primary season.

ABC News reported:

Former President Donald Trump must sit for a videotaped deposition next week as part of a lawsuit involving his anti-immigrant rhetoric, a judge in the Bronx ordered.

A group of Mexican protesters said they were assaulted during a rally outside Trump Tower in September 2015 over the then-candidate’s comments that Mexican immigrants were criminals and rapists.

The lawsuit named Trump, his campaign, his former head of security Keith Schiller, and others.

“Donald J. Trump shall appear for a deposition October 18, 2021 at 10 a.m. … or, in the event of illness or emergency, on another mutually agreed to date on or before October 31, 2021,” Judge Doris Gonzalez’s order said.

Oh brother. Leave the man alone. Oh wait, I forgot, you liberal bullies can’t leave him alone because he doesn’t fit your agenda.

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