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Leaked Report Reveals Wuhan Leaked COVID Much Earlier Than We Ever Knew!

A new report is now out, and it is showcasing some evidence that is truly damning for the Chinese government. This report is documenting evidence that COVID-19 had been spreading in Wuhan, China as early as May 2019, and not only that but the government knew about it and did nothing.

The report was titled “Procuring For a Pandemic: An Assessment of Hubei Province PCR Procurement Contracts” and it shows that the government in China was still buying up testing related to the coronavirus much earlier than the recognized date.

The PCR-related procurement contracts have long been recognized as the “gold standard” of the COVID-19 testing, suggesting that China knew there was going to be an outbreak as early as May 2019. ”

An initial view of the data depicts the dramatic increase of PCR procurement contracts in 2019,” the report said. “The increase was present in both the contract total value and the number of contracts.”

This report also noted that there was a tremendous amount of institutional spending on PCR, or Polymerase Chain Reaction, and these contracts were greater in that year than the previous couple of years combined.

“The full inventory of this catastrophe is still being compiled,” report author Robert Potter wrote.

“What is clear is that investigating the coverup of the virus still has some distance to go before it is fully understood,” he added. “The data presented here gives us a strong indication that the outbreak started prior to December 2019, meaning the information gap and window for the emergence of the virus is larger than when we started this project.”
The new evidence seems to be corroborating that original lab-leak theory that had been proposed by those who believe this pandemic did indeed originate from a lab in Wuhan, China instead of from a natural source.

Initially, the media had dismissed that lab-leak theory as simply a partisan conspiracy theory. However, the tide has been turning in recent months due to work done by amateur online sleuths.

It was July when World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus admitted that their organization had dismissed the possibility of a lab leak too prematurely. Moreover, here is something ridiculous for you to ponder: Chinese state media actually interviewed a senior epidemiologist who wanted the United States probed as the possible source for the beginning of the pandemic!

“All bio-weapons-related subjects that the country has should be subject to scrutiny,” said Zeng Guang.


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