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One Brave Reporter Just Caught Biden’s Gatekeeper In A Big Time Lie!

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin is fact-checking Jen Psaki after she apparently lied about Biden’s border policy.

Psaki claimed that illegals are not “intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.” However, the truth is that the Biden Administration hasn’t used Trump’s policy of sending these illegals back in at least six months. So that’s a bald-faced lie, especially when you consider that Biden is processing these individuals and now the whole country is being flooded with these unvaccinated illegals. The ridiculous part of this process is that these illegal immigrants are given a “notice to appear” before an immigration judge, and the court date could be years away because of the backlog. Couple that with the fact that only 13% of illegal immigrants show up for their court date, and you have yet another Biden mess.

Psaki’s claims definitely went over like a lead balloon. First of all, she claimed that people who crossed the border are “assessed” for COVID and then the government will quarantine them if they seem to be positive for the virus. Moreover, she also lied about the time that they will stay in the U.S. by claiming that they do not intend to remain in the United States for a “lengthy period of time.” However, we know that is not true as well.

For example, we know that there are plenty of family units of illegal aliens that are being processed and released throughout the United States. This is an incontrovertible fact. It was just last July that a family of illegals with full-blown COVID were caught eating at a Whataburger in Texas. Thousands of illegals have been dropped off at cities all over the United States, and these illegal immigrants have also provided ZERO proof of a vaccine. Psaki is counting on you to be ignorant, folks.

“They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. I don’t think it’s the same thing, It’s not the same thing.”

Doocy shot back: “But they are here! What’s the difference?”

What happens to the people who jump the fence and break the line to get into America? Does Biden send them back to their home country? No. instead, the President gives them a plane ticket to wherever they want to go, compliments of the American taxpayers.

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