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White House Reporters Have Launched A Formal Objection At Sleepy Joe Biden!

CBSN is reporting that President Joe Biden took a grand total of three questions from British reporters during his meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. American journalists were “shut out” and not even allowed to ask any questions at all!

White House reporters are now launching a “formal objection” to Biden’s lack of fairness to these and other U.S. reporters. Biden doesn’t want to talk about various things, such as the crisis at the border and so he has been avoiding American reporters by refusing to speak.

Indeed, CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe is reporting that it was during the bilateral meeting of President Biden and Boris Johnson that several U.S. reporters attempted to ask President Biden questions about the Southern border, but they were merely shouted down by White House Aides. Yes, President Biden had an answer, but it was undecipherable.

Ed O’Keefe reports:

IN THE OVAL OFFICE… @POTUS Biden and British PM @BorisJohnson
are now meeting to discuss the pandemic, trade concerns, and other issues. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson took three questions, but as for Joe Biden the White House aides shouted down any attempts for him to take questions. O’Keefe notes that he asked Biden about the Southern Border but couldn’t decipher what he said.

UPDATE: We went ahead and played back part of the tape, and we have determined that at least part of the president’s answer is indeed indecipherable. After O’Keefe asked for his response to the situation on the southern border, he can be heard saying in part, “Violence is not justified.”

Of course, O’Keefe came back and said that yes, Biden did indeed make a comment, saying that it was little more than a claim from border agents that there is violence. It was all a lie manufactured by the Biden regime.

Anyone who has even been paying a modicum of attention knows that Biden doesn’t engage with reporters any longer. Could that be due to his own choosing, or could it be because his handlers don’t want to? It could be his handlers, especially when you consider that they recently barked at the president, “Let’s Go! Thank you!”

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