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Trump Just Confessed A Downside To A 2024 Run!

Former President Donald Trump is still considering a run in 2024, and he is definitely weighing out the pros and cons of such a move. As of right now, former President Donald Trump says that the only negative he can see about running again in 2024 would be that his candidacy would probably save CNN.

Trump made his remarks during an interview with Greg Gutfield of Fox News. They aired excerpts of the interview on Gutfield’s show on Thursday.

It was Gutfield himself who noted that a possible run from Trump would probably save CNN again simply because it would give them something to talk about and thereby increase their viewership.

“That’s a problem,” Trump agreed. “I am very proud of what I’ve done for them. You know they are down 81%.

“They don’t like to cover Afghanistan. They’re torn because if they cover it they will get higher ratings. But they don’t want to cover it because it’s bad for the radical left Democrats. And they’re doing that to protect some of the most incompetent people in history of politics.”

Trump has consistently slammed CNN during the four years of his presidency. At one point, he even floated the idea of a lawsuit threat against this news network over the alleged bias that he had faced.

It was during his interview with Gutfield that Trump mentioned the mainstream media and how they refused to acknowledge the rising crime in America’s cities. Trump also noted that the prosecutors “only go after Republicans.”

“Look at Chicago where they say 113 people were shot at and 28 died,” he said. “That’s worse than Afghanistan. We didn’t lose, I told you, a soldier in many, many months and here they have 28 people died over a weekend? It’s a disgrace what’s going on.”

Well, even if Trump does make CNN a little bit better, there is one other thing that is true: he will also make the United States better as well!

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