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A BLM Mob Just Stormed A New York City Police Station!

Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues continue to work tirelessly to convince Americans that Trump supporters are somehow a danger to their fellow Americans. When you consider the fact that ANTIFA terrorists, Trump supporters, but also undercover FBI agents made their way to the inside of the Capitol on the 6th of January. However, hard-working journalists behind the scenes continue to uncover more and more evidence, and it’s now beginning to look increasingly evident that Trump supporters were the victims of a set-up.

Why is it that the mainstream media will breathlessly report every statement made by Nancy Pelosi regarding their investigation into the January 6th incident, yet at the same time completely ignore the fact that there is ongoing violence by the BLM and ANTIFA terrorists?

Late in the evening on the 3rd of September, BLM terrorists stormed a Bronx NYPD police station. They assaulted the police officers who were simply defending the station and they doused one of the police stations in gasoline. These acts were caught on film by the incredible investigative reporter Andy Ngo, but of course, the mainstream media has no interest in this incident, if at all. In fact, being given this writing assignment is literally the first time I’ve heard of the incident at all. Either way, that doesn’t change the fact that this domestic terror group poses a threat both to the men in blue and the American public as a whole.

ANTIFA terrorists continue to grow increasingly emboldening, and this is due in part to the media’s protection of them and the judicial system coddling them half to death. However, at the same time, they are taunting conservatives and creating political prisoners over this incident from January 6th.

The video below illustrates the hatred this group has toward conservatives. ANTIFA extremist Miguel Louis of Olympia, Washington told an independent reporter, “You’re sad because you lost on January 6th and my people are winning,” and “my people are going to continue killing you.”

ANTIFA and BLM are well-established as terror groups, but this “QAnon” that Nancy Pelosi and the other liberals keep whining about is nothing more than a fringe conspiracy theory group that most Trump supporters were not even aware of until after January 6th had already occurred. Pelosi and company attempted to convince the public at large that this “QAnon” was a small group of violent radicals who totally idolized Trump, but needless to say it totally backfired on her.

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