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They Asked Her About Trapped Americans, Kamala Laughed Like A Hyena!

I remember back in the 90’s that everyone was all miffed about Vice President Dan Quayle. Well, fast forward about 30 years later, and Kamala Harris makes Dan Quayle seem like JFK! Apparently, she traveled to Southeast Asia so that she could visit Singapore and Vietnam even though thousands of Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan as the potential for a hostage situation grows by the day.

Kamala Harris walked over to the gaggle of reporters that were on the tarmac before she departed on her flight to Singapore.

When she was asked about the tremendous amount of trapped Americans currently in Afghanistan, the best she could do was just laugh like an idiotic hyena! And liberals actually think that this is better than the Trump Administration? Seriously?!

It was a chaotic and bloody scene outside of that OTHER airport in Kabul this weekend thanks to the botched withdrawal of our commander-in-chief.

Last Saturday, the Biden Administration issued a warning to these trapped Americans in Afghanistan about the security threats and the possibility of a potential ISIS threat in Afghanistan regarding travel to and from the Kabul Airport. That is why our country is attempting to devise new ways to safely get these trapped Americans to and from the Kabul Airport safely. But with the Biden Administration? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Meanwhile, the Taliban is even sinking to confiscating U.S. Driver’s Licenses and Passports.

But it isn’t Kamala Harris’ priority to worry about these trapped Americans, now is it?

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