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She Caught COVID And Who She Is Blaming Is Absolutely Insane!

There was an overly cautious doctor who ultimately had a breakthrough case of COVID despite all of her best efforts to avoid it, and you will be totally flabbergasted at just who she blamed for catching the virus!

Dr. Ala B. is the looney-tunes doctor who describes herself as a physician, a vaccine advocate, a progressive (surprise, surprise!!), a cook, an own aficionado that is “here” for the BLM crowd, and someone who prefers the pronouns “she and her” and she advertised her severe insanity in a number of tweets last week.

“It happened,” she wrote. “Just tested positive for COVID. Spent all pandemic being cautious. Got swabbed often. I got the two doses of the Pfizer vaccine as soon as I got the chance. I continued to mask afterwards, and wore PPE after each patient encounter. And it STILL happened. I am so F***ing (sc) tired.”

“All y’all had to do was either stay at home or wear a mask and get vaccinated,” she continued, “and we could’ve stopped this fucking (sic) virus from leveling up.” Of course, this is laughable, especially when you consider that she took all of the precautions and it was a total bang-up failure for her.

Needless to say, there were plenty of witty responses that were critical of this nutty MD, and they were even questioning her sanity:

If you caught it even though you took all possible preventative measures, why are you blaming some nebulous “YALL” for the spread of the virus?

Swearing, blame, and caps lock don’t seem like a good (or effective) look for someone who identifies as an MD. I hope your bedside manner is better than this.

Did you hear that all you farmers, truckers, food store employees, food supply chain workers, etc? All you had to do was stay home and not leave your house from March 2020 until January 2021 like the good dr here and we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in!!!!!

Hope you have a “burn unit” nearby after the scorching your sorry ass is deservedly taking!

Of course, chances are this isn’t the first time that this kooky doc has been suffering a mental breakdown, so she/her could consult one of her colleagues or phone a friend rather than embarrass herself and her employer over the internet. I’m sure her patients are very proud of her! Oh, brother…


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