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Bill Maher Just Went All The Way On The Woke Olympics!

You know that things are getting rough for liberals when Bill Maher, of all people, starts calling you out. Maher is hardly a paragon of conservative thought, but even he is starting to see through all of the malarkey with this “wokeness” and this was demonstrated with his recent comments regarding the Tokyo Olympics. “Please don’t make the Olympics into the Oscars,” he said during his recent “rules” segments. It appears that the “Real Time With Bill Maher” host now appears to be completely disheartened that the 2020 Olympic games has been taken over by this “woke” messaging.

This normally ultra-liberal cable TV talk show host unleashed an uncharacteristic rant regarding the “wokeness” he is encountering at the Olympics. Believe it or not, he was actually attacking “cancel culture” after the people behind the scenes of the Summer Games were facing consequences for their actions.

“This is called a purge,” Maher said in regards to the cancel culture mentality that is spreading throughout the world. “It’s a mentality that belongs in Stalin’s Russia. How bad does this atmosphere we are living in have to get before people who say cancel culture is overblown have to admit that it is, in fact, insanity that is swallowing up the world.”

What has got Bill Maher so steaming mad? Well, apparently, the Tokyo Olympics’ creative director, Hiroshi Sasaki, was forced to resign just before the Game began because he allegedly made a demeaning comment about a Japanese entertainer during an online “brainstorming exchange.”

Moreover, the musical director of the opening ceremony for the Olympics, Keigo Oyamada, was forced out of the Tokyo Olympics because a 1994 interview with him was released where he admitted that he had bullied children that had disabilities. This was 1994, people! Almost three decades ago!

Bill Maher wasn’t done yet. He proceeded to tee off on accusations that there was plenty of cultural appropriation during these Tokyo Olympics. Maher pointed out an article that was written by a member of the Associated Press that was emblazoned with the headline: “Olympic surfing exposes whitewashed Native Hawaiian roots.”

In regards to surfing becoming an Olympic sport for the first time in history, the AP noted, “Some Native Hawaiians, surfing’s Olympic debut is both a celebration of a cultural touchstone invented by their ancestors, and an extension of the racial indignities seared into the history of the game and their homeland.”

“The Tokyo Summer Games, which open July 23, serve as a proxy for that unresolved tension and resentment, according to the ethnic Hawaiians who lament that surfing and their identity have been culturally appropriated by white outsiders who now stand to benefit the most from the $10 billion industry,” the article added.

Bill Maher then tore into the whole idea of cultural appropriation, saying, “Of all the violations of the woke penal code, cultural appropriation just might be the dumbest of all.”

“Most of human history is a horror story, but the good parts are about different groups coming together and sharing,” he said during the “New Rules” segment of Friday’s “Real Time” episode. “It’s sort of the whole point of the Olympics.”

“Newer doesn’t automatically mean better, this new idea that each culture must remain in its own separate silo is not better and it’s not progress,” the liberal pundit stated. “In fact, it’s messing with one of the few ideas that still makes this melting point called America great.”

Maher gave his fellow liberals some education, saying, “Not everything is about oppression.”

“We live in a world where straight actors are told they can’t play gay roles and a white novelists aren’t allowed to imagine what it’s like to be a Mexican immigrant,” Maher continued. “Even though trying to inhabit the life of someone else is almost the definition of empathy, the bedrock of liberalism.”

Last Saturday afternoon, the term “Bill Maher” was trending on Twitter, and leftists were bashing him something fierce, calling him a “bigoted a**hole” among many other things and “less of a comedian and more of an aging narcissist with writers. He deserves criticism.” At the same time, conservatives were surprisingly applauding him for his powerful segment.

Daily Wire commenter Candace Owens described his segment: “This is great. Woke people are cancer cells to progress.”

Conservative radio host Chris Stigall added, “You simply don’t find liberals calling out their own as Maher often does these days. He’s no conservative. He despises my politics, but that’s ok. I can respect intellectual honesty on display.”

Outspoken British broadcaster Piers Morgan called it the “best 7 minutes of television this year. Thank you, Mr Maher, for being an ongoing voice of liberal reason in this increasingly insane illiberal woke world.”

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