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Governor Whitmer Just Got Hit With A Huge Dose Of Karma!

By now, I am sure you realize that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is a real piece of work. She is very unpopular, and re-election efforts are in serious trouble, especially now that this job-destroying, the tyrannical governor is now probably going to square off against former Detroit Police Chief James Craig. Couple that with the fact that she has 30 recall petitions against her, and you would think that this woman would want to stay away from the limelight and work as hard as possible in her office. But this is Gretchen Whitmer that we’re talking about, folks, so what does she do instead? She is having a fundraising gathering at the governor’s mansion where she is exploiting a loophole that allows her to accept donations from jumbo donors while all of her campaign donors have to abide by only receiving donations that do not exceed the maximum allowable contribution.

MLive has now reported that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has raised a record level of money in the lead-up to her reelection bid in 2022. However, one of the main ways she has done it this period was through the assistance of mega-donors who had the financial means to give way above the typical legal limit.

Michigan campaign finance law currently caps individual donations to candidate committees. Presently, the max is currently $7,150 for the race for Michigan governor. However, Whitmer’s campaign appears to be relying on one particular caveat: in 1984, former Secretary of State Richard H. Austin confirmed his 1983 guidance where he explained that the campaign limits didn’t apply to candidates such as Gretchen Whitmer, who are facing recall.

This comes on the heels of Democrat Gretchen Whitmer’s popularity with Michigan residents taking a ridiculous nosedive simply because of the fact that she caught in some serious lies and several acts of blatant hypocrisy regarding the iron-fisted COVID mandated she placed on Michigan citizens while she refused to live by these same rules in her own personal time as well.

Governor Whitmer has demonstrated over the last couple of years that she is severely unqualified, and she came off as being more interested in auditioning to be Joe Biden’s running mate than doing anything to help the residents of Michigan. Moreover, this Michigan governor sent COVID-positive patients into nursing homes, causing many more of Michigan’s elderly citizens to become infected and even ultimately die from COVID.

Another reason why Governor Whitmer is so unpopular is probably due in part to the way that she took a wrecking ball to the Michigan economy. She had many non-science-based decisions that destroyed many small businesses across the state. Many Michigan residents within the service industry were the hardest hit, including common, everyday – and yes, liberal – people. One particular individual was a hairdresser, and this woman is a single mother that is normally about as liberal as they come, but she despises Governor Whitmer because of how she destroyed her industry and she hopes this Democrat governor loses reelection in 2022. However, not to worry, because the Michigan governor was recently hit with a severe amount of karma with a “capital K.”

A couple of days ago, a fundraiser was supposed to be held for Whitmer at a private residence in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan. Attending this fundraiser would set you back a whopping $250 to $1000 apiece.

Moreover, the invitation for this private fundraiser assured guests that all of the hosts of this fundraising event were going to be “adhering to updated COVID guidelines.” However, moments before this fundraising event was set to begin, the power went out in most of the homes in the snobby Grosse Pointe Shores neighborhood where the fundraiser was about to be kicked off.

Dusk was approaching, and so the guests of this fundraiser were forced to move outside. But the minute they did so, a massive rainstorm began to move in, and the donors were forced inside the home even though it didn’t have power! Shortly after these donors were forced to move inside, they began to get frustrated and most of them started leaving.

Should we feel sorry for the ultra-liberal Gretchen Whitmer? It’s a little bit difficult to do so, to be honest. It’s hard to feel sorry for her, and it’s hard to feel sorry for the guests of this fundraiser, especially when you consider all of the harm she has done to Michigan. This woman has not only isolated the elderly, but she has destroyed the education of children within the state as well. As a Texas resident, I’m not always thrilled with the leadership of Governor Greg Abbott either, but he is doing a far, far better job than Governor Whitmer has done for Michigan, that is for sure.

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