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One Amazing Business Has Turned The Tables On Vaccinations!

The Founders of the Fearless Boxing Club in Toronto, Canada are saying that they are not going to permit any vaccinated individuals on the premises, according to Vice.

The Details

Mohammed Feroze Abedeen is a professional boxer and one of the founders of the facility, and he recently shared a Facebook post that announced the news, captioning it this way:

“Everyone Is So Proud Of Their Life Choices Lately, I Just Wanted To Share….DIDN’T Get My Shot!! (My family won’t be getting the shot, my friends won’t be, the doctors, nurses, teachers and police I work with won’t be and all the amazing members of Fearless Boxing Club won’t be!!).”

The post’s caption continued, “If you got this experimental vaccine, please keep your distance from organic people for at least 28 days….and if you’re one of the thousands of Canadians experiencing side effects contact ‘VISP’ (Vaccine Injury Support Program), ‘Canada’s new program addresses the thousands dealing with severe or permanent side effects to you or the people you infect around you.'”

The post also shared screenshots from an Instagram story, and it added the following:

“Attn: For the safety of our members, the Fearless Boxing Club will no longer be accepting those who received the experimental COVID vaccine. Our current members including doctors, nurses, teachers, parents & many youth feel safer waiting until more research is done on the side effects being discovered right now. Thank you!”

What Else?

Various news entities reached out to Abedeen for comment, but he told most of them that he was not able to provide any type of interview because he was “really slammed”at the moment.

According to BlogTO, which is another news entity, Abedeen had co-founded the South Etobicoke gym with professional dancer Krystal Glazier-Roscoe during the COVID-19 lockdown.

“BUILT in the lockdown, OPENED in the lockdown & WE’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!” the Fearless Boxing Club’s Instagram bio states.


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