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The War With China Just Got Kicked Up A Notch!

Our dear fearless leader really wants to have a close relationship with his close friend Xi Jinping on speed dial just in case they need to avert some type of nuclear war or something, but unfortunately, President Biden can’t even get a working number. So what does Biden want to have installed? He wants one of those “Kremlin-style red phones” installed on the desk in case they have some kind of issue with containment, cyber-attacks, or something else that might develop.

War of the Wire

His Wisdom just dusted off one of those ideas from his former boss and he is now figuring out that just like back in the Obama days, those ideas simply do not work. No matter how bad Joe Biden wants to install a hotline to Xi Jinping it just isn’t going to happen. His Pentagon advisers keep telling him very slowly and patiently that this brainstorm just won’t cut it.

Part of the reason why this idea won’t work is that we already have a direct line to China anyway! Kurt Campbell, the senior National Security Council Indo-Pacific coordinator, said that “we do have a hotline. It’s known to have, the couple of times that we’ve used it, just rung in an empty room for hours upon hours on end.” No, that isn’t helpful. That isn’t helpful at all when you need to stop a potential World War III from occurring.

The one thing that Xi Jinping doesn’t want to do is get tied down to any particular place simply because Joe Biden is feeling lonely at 3:00 a.m. You don’t think that this Chinese dictator is actually going to trust one of his generals in the act of talking to Joe Biden behind his back, do you? Thus, the idea is absolutely DOA. Of course, this isn’t stopping the Biden Administration from beating this dead horse a few more times ad nauseum.

You see, this has become the war of the wire. The Russian one was useful back during the Cuban Missile Crisis days, but Obama abused the privilege when he kept warning Putin to stay out of the 2016 election. Do you really think that Xi Jinping is going to go running to the phone just because Joe Biden wants to talk to him? Think again. They will probably just send the message through Hunter, since that’s what they pay him for anyway.

Of course, the Imperial Palace isn’t going to let the idea go of some “broader communication tool” that they can use….hmmm…..

Of course, I know I’m playing Devil’s Advocate here, but I certainly understand what Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrat party are trying to do. Yes, a better line of communication with China would be nice. It would be nice if Xi had the decency to pick up the phone every now and then just to merely say, “Uh, we just wanted to let you know that we had a virus escape.” Yes, the ability to be able to have Joe Biden send encrypted phone calls or messages to President Xi Jinping would be nice, or even to those around him.

At present, they have to let it ring until whoever the boss is gets ordered by his boss to answer it.

What about Cyber Attack Warnings?

Of course, the most likely use of a new and improved red phone hotline would be for the Red Chinese to share information about cyberattacks or “sudden military movements”.

Part of the reason why no one is going to answer the phone on the other side is that China works from the top down. The underlings can’t say, “hey, boss, the phone is ringing!” They have to wait until the boss is ordered by his boss to answer it. Just like a crime family, but I digress.

The U.S. “must organize to defend and push back across the board. The Biden administration has said that they plan to do that. So while setting up a phone line can be useful, we shouldn’t sink too much significance into it.” It would start a war faster than end one.”

Even Biden Palace officials are starting to get the hint that a hotline to China is not feasible. It’s a war that isn’t worth fighting.

According to one NSC official, who was asked the following question: “Do I think it’s possible that the United States and China can coexist and live in peace? Yes, I do. But I do think the challenge is going to be enormously difficult for this generation and the next.”


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