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What Biden Was Caught Using COVID Funds For Is Absolutely Sickening!

It’s bad enough that the month of May alone saw an influx of 144,000 illegal immigrants coming into our country as the result of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ reckless policies. However, we now have American citizens who are watching as their country has literally thrown them under the bus, using taxpayer money that was supposed to be utilized to help our nation heal from the COVID pandemic be diverted to house children who illegally crossed the border.

What happened to helping Americans first? Oh right, let’s just forget about the ones who pay the taxes that our government is now doling out to help these illegal immigrants. Why oh why do we continue to put the needs of foreigners ahead of Americans who are truly hurting?

Bloomberg News recently reported that Health Secretary Xavier Becerra recently notified members of Congress that the department was going to reallocate government funds in order to cover the increased costs in ensuring the safety of children who are arriving at the Southwest border, in addition to the staff that have been tending to them according to the letter that was shown to Bloomberg News.

A Biden Administration official noted that the need for pandemic-related precautions such as quarantining and testing has burdened the program with an extra $1.7 billion in costs to the program.

Becerra’s letter to lawmakers illustrated how he and the rest of the Biden team thought that this money could be better utilized by ensuring the safety of unaccompanied minors who have shown up at the border. Becerra noted that the reason there was a $1.7 billion increase in the costs for the program was simply due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Daily Mail, a Biden Administration official reported to Bloomberg that the HHS had to take precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic and that made the cost of housing these migrant children go up. Becerra said that Uncle Sam needed more space to accompany these children because these children need to be quarantined.

When you couple this with the fact that intake shelters need to allow for social distancing, you have a real problem. The Biden Administration apparently doesn’t realize that this isn’t Michael Landon’s show, the Highway to Heaven. As the popular phrase goes, the road to the other place is paved with good intentions.

Instead of forming another committee to investigate the fake insurrection that occurred last January, wouldn’t that money be better spent developing a commission to determine why our politicians thought it was a good idea to flood our nation with foreigners while ignoring the needs of everyday Americans? Seriously, folks, I am disabled myself, and as a lifelong Colorado native, it sure would be nice if we had an administration in both Denver and Washington D.C. that was responsive to our needs. Of course, I am conservative, straight, and a legal citizen, so apparently, the pleas of myself and many others are going to fall on deaf ears. Another question for you all: just who are the puppet masters who are pulling the strings with Sleepy Joe? The man is terribly out of his league, having to carry notecards so that he can answer any potential softball question that is thrown his way from the media. Heaven help us all.


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