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Oklahoma University Professors Now Training To CENSOR STUDENTS!

Ah, college days. It’s a time when most individuals are first discovering themselves and figuring out what they want to do with their lives. It’s a time when many people spread their wings and when individuals embark on first (or even second or third) careers. Unfortunately, it also seems like it is becoming more and more like a left-wing indoctrination camp as well.

Are you getting the sense that college is like this, and that it has actually gotten worse since your OWN college days? If so, you’re not the only one, and you might be surprised to learn that it actually might be even worse than you thought.

A group called the Foundation For Individual Rights in Education has obtained some recording of this type of indoctrination, and it will definitely leave you shocked and speechless.

Take a look at the following from the FIRE Newsdesk:

In an article called “Stop Talking Right Now: University of Oklahoma Training Shows Instructors How to Censor, Indoctrinate Students, the authors delineate just how commonplace this is becoming in campuses across the country, and this is at the University of Oklahoma in the heart of the Bible Belt, no less! You can imagine what it must be like in a liberal bastion such as the Northeast at an Ivy League school!

The first thing that is off-limits for you would be writing on whether you think you should have the right to refuse to use preferred pronouns in your articles. That is “hate speech.” You aren’t allowed to do that. That means that if someone has serious psychological problems and they consider themselves to be “non-binary” (neither male nor female), then you have to use “they” or they will get offended and you will be reported to the school administrators. Suddenly I feel an attack of Archie Bunker-itis coming on, but I digress.

Here’s another rhetorical question for you: do you think that Black Lives Matter activists shouldn’t be allowed to engage in property destruction? Well, these Marxist college professors are just going to have to “re-adjust” your thinking!

The simple fact of the matter is, if you are a student at the University of Oklahoma, then congratulations! Apparently, you no longer need to think now! The instructor will do all of that for you! Of course, if you are an independent thinking you should definitely beware: if you deviate too far from an instructor’s personal opinions it will ultimately cost you dearly in the long run.

The FIRE group acquired a recording of “Anti-Racist Rhetoric and Pedagogies”, which is a workshop that appears to devalue the true state of free expression and freedom of conscience at the Sooner State’s flagship university.

“Anti-Racist Rhetoric and Pedagogies” seems like a good topic judging from the title, but they go too far. We are not talking about avoiding the use of slurs here. We are talking about nonsense where someone is not allowed to disagree with homosexuality or take issue with groups promoting violence. This is one of nine professional development workshops that instructors and grad students at OU and it was held on April 14. However, it isn’t just racism that these presenters are encouraging their trainees to root out.

One of the workshop leaders, Kelli Pyron Alvarez, explained in the recording that undergrad students in many of her introductory English courses are “a little bit more emboldened to be racist” at the 17:17 mark. To combat this, she forbids huge swaths of classroom speech, including “derogatory critiques, remarks, and hate speech,” as well as “white supremacist ideas or sources,” unless the student is utilizing those sources to dismantle racism.

From Kindergarten all the way up to college, our students are being indoctrinated, and that is why our entire system of higher education needs to be reformed. They should stop trying to censor students, that is for sure.

America’s students deserve better than this.


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