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What DeSantis Said He Is Doing To Fight Liberals Is Amazing!

There is no question that Ron DeSantis is a one-man fighting machine when it comes to taking on liberals. He just shared an amazing quote about his attitude dealing with these liberal individuals, and that would be that he wants to put on the “full armor of God” in order to fight against all of the leftist policies.

The Details

During last weekend’s Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference, DeSantis said that he is planning on leading the charge to take a stand against the “schemes” of the left.

“It ain’t going to be easy,” he warned to the crowd. “You’ve got to be strong. You are going to have to put on the full armor of God. You will have to take a huge stand against the left’s schemes, you got to stand your ground and you’ve got to be firm, because you are encountering flaming arrows. Take up the shield of faith and fight on.”

“But I look forward to joining with you to fight in the battles to come,” he continued. “I will tell you that in state of Florida, I will be holding the line, and we will be standing our ground. I won’t back down, and I only have just begun fighting.”

The Florida Republican had some other gems in his remarks as well, saying that he was proud to be governor of that great state and he was never going to settle “for merely being the controlled opposition to leftism.”

As such, he said that he was resisting “Fauci-ism” and he was still able to liberate the state during the pandemic.

“I will tell you that had Florida not done what we did in regards to the pandemic, many other states would not have followed, and we very well could be in lockdown mode right at this very moment,” DeSantis said. “So ultimately, our state chose to go with freedom over Fauci-ism, and we remain better off because of it.”

In this same speech, DeSantis promised to continue to devote himself to protecting Florida’s first responders.

“I submitted a proposal to our legislature regarding the strongest anti-rioting, pro-law enforcement legislation in the country, which basically says that in Florida, we are not going to let any particular government defund the police,” he said. “We passed that, and we are also going to make sure that people who engage in mob violence face the consequences for their actions.”

DeSantis also insisted that he was going to fight leftism from the ground up by attacking controversial teachings such as critical race theory out of Florida’s public schools.

“I think that one of the ways that we can create a better foundation going forward and to hopefully produce individuals who fully understand some of our most important narratives would be to place a renewal of American civics back in our public school system and our schools,” he said. “We need to teach people why America was founded, what principles make our country unique, and they need to be taught that our principles did not come from our country; they came from God. They should be taught American history, and it needs to be factual, honest, and discuss the great achievements and great lows that we encountered. But above all else, it cannot be infected with ideologies like critical race theory.”

What do you think about how Governor Ron DeSantis is taking a stand for Florida and for the rest of the country?

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