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They Offered Him Multiple Book Deals. Why Trump Turned Them Down Is Amazing!

Last Friday, former President Donald John Trump announced that he has actually turned down multiple book deals regarding his time in office and he also took the time to tease an important decision coming soon.

“I turned down two book deals from the most unlikely of publishers,” President Trump said to his Save America Political Action Committee. “I do not want to do such a deal at the moment.”

“I continue to write like crazy anyway, however, and when the time comes, you are going to see the book to end all books,” he added. “However, I’m actually working on a much more important project right now!”

No, President Trump didn’t elaborate on what these projects might be. The night is still young for the 45th president as he hasn’t yet revealed if he has any public plans for a future run for the office of president again in the future.

The former president has authored several books throughout his decades in the limelight.

“Trump: The Art of the Deal” is a 1987 that is perhaps his best-known work, and it was a bestseller that was not only business and life advice, but it was also a personal memoir as well.

In 2015, Trump was preparing for his first run for president, and he released “Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America” and then announced that he was running for president and seeking the GOP nomination for president.

No, the former president hasn’t published anything since then, but he probably fully realizes that a White House tell-all would be a bestseller in its own right. However, Trump hasn’t indicated that he is interested in releasing a book any time soon. He might do it in his retirement, but rest assured that the man shows no signs of slowing down.

Several ideas have been floated for Trump’s post-presidency future, including running again for president or even launching a bid to get a seat in the House of Representatives and make a play at becoming Speaker of the House. Indeed, he called such a plan “interesting.”

The Boston Herald reported last week that former White House strategist Steve Bannon was addressing Massachusetts Republicans when he floated a scenario in which Trump would run for a House seat and then seek out the role of speaker.

“Going forward, we should do everything in our power to transform the Republican Party into more of a MAGA movement … just immerse the … movement with the Republican Party, and we’re going to have our share of massive victories in the future,” Bannon said.

Trump has long been a disruptor, but he has a long-term vision because I absolutely believe right down to the marrow of my bones that he will be our nominee in 2024,” Bannon reportedly said. “He’ll come back to us. We’ll have a sweeping victory in 2022, and he’ll lead us again in 2024.”

Trump spoke to radio host Wayne Allyn Root regarding the idea. “That’s so interesting,” he said. “Yeah, just know that is very interesting.”

Trump told Root that others had attempted to recruit him to run for the Senate in 2022.

“But I have to say that your idea might be better. It’s very interesting,” he concluded on the subject.

Although Trump has not made any further comments on just what might be in the works in his political future, we can rest assured that it will be something big, even bigger than a book deal.

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