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One Brave Patriot Politician Just Ripped BLM To PIECES!

The acting mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts is a man named Terence Murphy, and let me tell you, this is one no-nonsense politician. Needless to say, he couldn’t wait to cancel a ridiculous executive order that had been made by his liberal predecessor. The proclamation heavily favored Black Lives Matter activists, but this order has now been rescinded.

Mayor Strikes Hard

After Pro-Tem Mayor Terence Murphy made the announcement that he was going to strike down the executive signed by the previous mayor, Alex Morse, he was greeted with applause by fellow conservatives. Morse was no friend of conservatism. He was nothing more than a BLM-loving radical that even went as far as formally declaring that “police violence and racism” was a “public health emergency.”

Of course, the big difference between Alex Morse and Terence Murphy is that Murphy has a spine. The man has zero sympathy for ANTIFA-endorsed radicals and so he rescinded Mayor Morse’s order. Murphy said that he couldn’t see any “immediate benefit” especially when the previous executive order was actually FORCING HIM to compromise himself and have to find ways to put police out of a job. He wasn’t going to do that, especially when it required him to support “studies to decrease reliance on law enforcement.”

One of the things that this progressive (read: socialist) administration was just itching to try was a “Racial Equity Public Health Professional” job “within the Holyoke Board of Health.” They also wanted to have a watchdog panel. However, Mayor Murphy nullified this executive order, and along with it the “11-Member Citizen Police Advisory Committee to the Mayor.” It was a lot of expensive red tape, and mayor Murphy feels like he can save taxpayer money because he doesn’t need their advice.

Of course, there was also a requirement from the Former Mayor to recognize Juneteenth Independence Day”, but that is a moot point already. Black folks don’t need to be able to name days that have a nine in them, and June 19th is already a paid holiday for city employees anyway

Of course, Mayor Morse is just one of many Massachusetts liberals who are all for policies that will limit funds to law enforcement. Liberals such as ex-mayor Morse claim that law enforcement are “inherently” racist simply because laws themselves are racist. Huh? Black people get arrested when they commit crimes just like anyone else, but most of these liberals keep crying that this isn’t fair.

On Wednesday, Mayor Murphy didn’t call his predecessor full of crap, but you can tell that he meant it. Murphy told the local press that he no longer “believes Morse’s order is of any immediate benefit because many of the plans in the order have largely not been acted upon.”

Treat Everyone With Respect

If there is one thing that you can expect with liberal Democrats, it would be that they only want to give preference to the ones they choose. However, Mayor Murphy is of a different breed, one who doesn’t play favorites. “I expect that all of my city departments are going to consistently treat everyone with respect regardless of their ethnicity or their race.”

Yes, Mayor Murphy likes the city to be a melting pot, but the one thing that he also wants to guard against would be in having a city that is too radically progressive as well. He wants to see Holyoke continue to be “a community that will welcome diversity in all of its many different forms.”

Considering that Mayor Morse gave up his job in Holyoke a couple of weeks to focus on spreading BLM propaganda elsewhere, Holyoke is now under the leadership of Terence Murphy.

Mayor Morse has decided to take a job on Provincetown in Cape Cod, and so he will be buying ice cream in that little shop where the Obamas stop at any day now. It’s probably just as well for everyone.

What do you think about this turn of events for the Massachusetts community of Holyoke? Have your say in the comments section!



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