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ALERT: Judge Just Ruled A 300 MILLION DOLLAR Lawsuit Against CNN Can PROCEED!

The famous Civil Liberties attorney Alan Dershowitz has just won a large procedural victory in court last Tuesday that will allow a $300 million lawsuit on his behalf against CNN to proceed to the deposition stage.

Attorneys for CNN had filed a motion to dismiss this lawsuit last November, but a judge said, “uh-uh.” This judge was registered in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida and did not agree with CNN’s argument, saying that Dershowitz is allowed to proceed.

The lawsuit stipulates that CNN was unfairly editing comments regarding Dershowitz’s stance about whether former President Donald Trump should be impeached if he committed an otherwise illegal act if he believed he was acting in the best interests of the American people.

In the lawsuit, Dershowitz alleges that CNN repeated one particular clip over and over in an attempt to make Dershowitz appear that he had “lost his mind.” After CNN aired that clip over and over again, the hosts and the panel guests both exploded into a verbal tirade that was a false narrative that Professor Dershowitz believes that as long as former President Trump believed that his reelection was in the public interest, Trump was free to do anything at all, including illegal acts. They were attempting to depict Professor Dershowitz as saying that no matter what, President Trump was immune from impeachment. Dershowitz himself said that the notion of that was preposterous, but that was the point: they wanted to falsely paint Alan Dershowitz as a constitutional scholar and intellectual who had now lost his mind. Dirty pool of the highest degree, for sure. But what else have we come to expect from CNN, AKA the “Clinton News Network”?

On the other hand, CNN attorneys were arguing that the case should be dismissed based on the fair reporting privilege of the press. Dershowitz countered that, appearing on Newsmax to explain that this act did not extend to CNN’s actions due to the fact that the network deliberately and falsely misrepresented what he had said. “They took out the words ‘illegal and lawful’ and that way they could deliberately convey the false impression that I felt that the president would have the ability to engage in unlawful and illegal conduct and be able to escape impeachment. But that’s the exact opposite of what I said,” Dershowitz exclaimed.

Dershowitz wrote an email to Law and Crime where he explained that he was looking forward to “forcing the hands of the commentators and the heads of CNN and for the truth to come out.”

What do you think about CNN deliberately trying to make the distinguished civil liberties attorney Alan Dershowitz look bad? We would love to hear your comments regarding this lawsuit.



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