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CNN Just Sickeningly FIRED Their One Conservative Commentator!

Over the weekend, the frighteningly liberal CNN network announced that it had “parted ways” with conservative contributor Rick Santorum after an uproar over comments he made regarding Native Americans in a recent speech. Oh well, CNN is otherwise known as “the Clinton News Network.”

The Details

HuffPost was the first news outlet to report on Saturday regarding how CNN had “terminated” their contract with Santorum, who is otherwise known as a former GOP senator. There had been calls to let him go after comments he made during a speech to Young America’s Foundation.

“If you think of other countries like Turkey, China, Greece and Italy and places like that, they’ve all sort of changed over time, I mean, they’ve been there for thousands of years, in many cases, and their culture has sort of evolved over time,” Santorum told the audience.

“But not us! We came here and created a blank slate, we birthed a nation, from nothing,” he continued. “I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes we have Native Americans but frankly, there isn’t much Native American culture in American culture.”

Santorum’s remarks made him the subject of some serious online condemnation – including from some of his CNN colleagues. Santorum made an effort to respond to the initial backlash but it fell on deaf ears. “I had no intention of devaluing or minimizing the contribution Native American culture has had on our society. I was just talking about the founding.”

The liberals at CNN ultimately confronted him again on “Cuomo Prime Time” where host Chris Cuomo asked him about the controversy. Santorum said that he “misspoke” and that he was merely talking about “principals embodied in the founding.”

“I would never do that, and well, you know, there are those who have said, ‘Oh, well he was denigrating and dismissing what happened to the Native Americans’ and oh no, I wasn’t doing that. Far from it!” he said. “The way that we had treated the Native Americans was horrific, and that goes against everything and every bone that I stood for. It goes against everything I ever fought for as a leader in the Senate and the Congress.”

Unfortunately, Santorum’s attempts at damage control did not impress the holier-than-thou liberals that inhabit the CNN executive offices. They said that Santorum’s appearance on Cuomo’s show was merely the final nail in the coffin for his tenure at CNN. “The leadership wasn’t particularly satisfied with that experience,” one CNN executive said. “The anchors no longer care for him, so they were planning on making him a benchwarmer anyway.”

Anything Else?

Of course, CNN attempted to do some “damage control” themselves, so they posited another story where they noted that there were two other conservative pundits who were ushered out the day “amid controversy.”

Indeed, former Reagan staffer Jeffrey Lord was terminated from the network after he controversially tweeted the words “Sieg Heil” at a liberal activist. Even though he was only mocking the other Twitter user, the Clinton News Network turned that around into a message promoting Neo-Nazism. Lord said that he was merely mocking fascists, instead of glorifying Nazism as critics claim.

In 2018, CNN was at the forefront of yet another termination. This time, they released former George W. Bush staffer Paris Dennard after he was falsely accused of being terminated from Arizona State University “for making lewd comments and gestures toward women.” In a rebuttal, Dennard called the accusations “false” and said that this was just another “politically motivated attempt to besmirch my character simply because I am a Trump supporter.” One, two, three, look at me, it’s a trend!

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