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Texas Democrat Just Went Rogue And Asked Biden Where The Money Went!

It took less than six months, but many individuals now believe that Joe Biden has created a border crisis because of his decision to rescind all of Trump’s effective border control policies.

Now, there is a growing list of people who are demanding that Biden should secure the border, but his solution continues to be throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at simply just providing faulty housing for people who are coming in droves over the border.

I don’t have to tell you that these are your tax dollars, right?

President Biden continues to pay off foreign countries that are willing to secure THEIR OWN borders, and he is giving out money to help them with their border regions. Now, there is even a member of his own party, a Democrat from Texas, who is blowing the whistle on the fact that the money doesn’t appear to be going where it should.

From Fox News:

“A South Texas Democrat expressed frustration Wednesday, claiming not all Biden administration allocations to communities along the U.S.-Mexico border get to where the cash is intended to go…
“Hundreds of millions of dollars have been given to the NGOs (non-governmental organizations). I think we should have a closer monitor of these resources and ensure they get to the places that they need to.”

Is Joe Biden screwing up his solution to the border crisis? Of course he is! Why wouldn’t he be?

This administration continues to burn through the tax dollars as much as they can in order to “help” this overrun border. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people that are trying to get in. There are communities along the border that continue to feel the worst of this as well. This is no longer a trickle, folks. This is now a flood. However, there is one Democrat politician that is no longer willing to keep quiet about this. Representative Vicente Gonzalez is blowing that whistle, and he is saying that the money given to NGOs isn’t being appropriately accounted for.

My goodness, why can’t this president do anything right? Does anyone else not realize the insanity of the government just giving the money away and properly accounting for it?

Gonzalez has plenty of good reasons to be upset. He is a congressman who has actually seen the border and seen just how messed up it has become. Thus, he would absolutely know if this money is being used properly or simply misused somewhere else.

Mr. Gonzalez even said that they need to have a “closer monitor” and a better tracking system regarding this money. Unfortunately, he is just saying this as a roundabout way of noting that he is concerned that the money is being stolen.

Gonzalez is an individual who simply doesn’t have a reason to make all of this up. He is a Democrat, and so it would be very easy for him to simply just keep his mouth shut in order to protect Biden.

However, Gonzalez has constituents back home that he needs to worry about as well. His own voters continue to be hurt by the crisis. That is why he cannot keep his mouth shut.

What do you think about this Democrat turning on his own president? Your comments would be appreciated!


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