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Trump Train Two Is About To Roll Into The Station!

The Trump Train is rolling back in to town, and its about time, too! It looks like former President Donald Trump is going to be the keynote speaker at a major GOP event in North Carolina.

Donald Trump is getting ready to travel to North Carolina next month to headline the state’s GOP annual convention. According to the board of North Carolina Republicans, former President Trump is going to be speaking at the convention dinner in Greenville on Saturday, June 5th.

This is going to be Trump’s first speaking engagement outside of his Mar-a-Lago since he left office and since he spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last February 28. He will be coming back to friendly territory at least.

“President Trump won North Carolina in 2016 because he promised to put America First, and he won this state again in 2020 because he kept that promise,” North Carolina GOP chair Michael Whatley said in his statement to Fox News. “This president has delivered real results to North Carolina by unleashing the American Economy, rebuilding the military, and standing strong against China. That is why it is an honor for us to welcome President Trump to our convention as the Republican Party gears up to launch our campaign for the 2022 mid-terms to retake both Houses.”

North Carolina is a crucial battleground state for the GOP, as Trump won the state in 2016 by a margin of three and a half points in 2016 and by one point in 2020. As an ex-president, he will play an important role in helping to keep the state red. Moreover, former presidents are crucial on the campaign trail, as they are often viewed as the head of their party.

The “Trump Train” is something that has been long-awaited by conservatives simply because of the fact that the former president has been banned from social media and cannot adequately communicate with his supporters. Thus, events like this are crucial for him to continue to get his important message across.


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