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Over 40 Senators Just Gave Biden A Major Order!

Americans continue to have to watch helplessly as one of our closest allies has been bombarded all week long. That’s right. Israel is being hit by Palestinians almost constantly, and they continue to fire thousands of rockets at the small country. Meanwhile, we seem to have a government that is unwilling to step in and do the right thing. Of course, the word on the street is that the current problems with Palestine have a lot to do with Iran, and so one has to wonder just what is Biden going to do? Just sit on his thumbs? Not if 43 U.S. Senators have something to say about it!


Almost four dozen U.S. senators are now demanding that President Joe Biden immediately stop negotiating with Iran because of a recent incident where Iranian-backed terrorists were launching countless attacks against Israel last week.


“We are calling on you to immediately end these negotiations with Iran, and you should also make clear that sanctions relief is not going to be provided,” a spokesperson for the senator told President Biden. “Doing this would demonstrate a firm commitment that you fully support our closest ally in the region and that you are looking after our own security interests as well.”


Indeed, there were 43 senators in all who wrote to President Biden regarding this issue. These senators have a strong desire for Biden to continue to hold the nation in check just like his predecessor did. President Trump ended the “Iran Nuclear Deal” and his actions assisted the region in enjoying a period of peace.


However, the powers that be in Iran seem to think that President Biden is more of a weakling. They are also hoping that Biden will restart the nuclear deal that Obama began when Biden was vice president. If that occurs, we can definitely expect a lot more instability within the region.


What do you think these 43 senators taking on President Biden? Your comments would be appreciated!


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