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Top Liberal Encouraging MORE Mass Shootings!

If you think that it seems more and more evident that Democrats are going out of their way to create workplace violence, discord, and chaos, then you aren’t the only one. Nancy Pelosi and her group of House Democrats (goons?) have just filed a proposal where they are seeking to “block forms of federal grants from going to employers.” Now, do bear in mind that Nancy hasn’t suddenly decided that the government should cut costs. Oh, no. This grant blocking is only for certain employers, namely those who dare to even “inquire” about the criminal history of a job application. If that’s the case, Pelosi wants your federal grant to become null and void.

Workplace: Democrats Demand Diversity Ahead of Security

Of course, this all started because the Democrats emptied all of the jails because of the fear of COVID-19. Thus, this means that all of those recently released violent criminals are not going to be able to find work. Now, we have two different schools of thought. There are some in the Democrat party who think we should just keep paying them unemployment. However, there are others, including Imperial Leader Joe Biden who, believe it or not, thinks that this is getting embarrassing for the country. He sides with Maxine Waters, who thinks that these individuals need jobs. However, they are recently released felons, so what to do about that? Well, Maxine has a handy solution for that. Let’s get rid of background checks! That’s right. It doesn’t if the applicant has a potential for violence either. No more background checks so these people can get to work.

This is why Maxine is teaming up with U.S. Representative David Trone in an effort to “amend” the 1968 Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act. Specifically, Waters desires to make the eligibility for government IAG grants only done on a “conditional” basis. What is that condition? You got it. No background checks! This will make the streets that much more dangerous, and not only that but now every workplace is going to become a mass shooting waiting to happen.

Censoring Away Criminal Records

This means that when your company needs to hire, you will no idea just what type of record that your applicant might have. He could have a string of robberies, he could be a sex offender, he could be a domestic abuser, or he could have a string of gun violations or assaults on his record. It doesn’t matter, because you as an employer are not even allowed to ask. This isn’t even getting into the situations where you are allowed to run a background check at all. Yes, technically your company could probably do it, but then you can kiss that grant money goodbye.

This new law that Pelosi and company are attempting to pass would not just apply to companies that get the grants. In order for a state to even be allowed to give out grants in the first place, they will need to have certain laws on the books. If this gets through, that would be one of those stipulations.

“To be eligible for allocation under this section, a State is required to enact and implement legislation that will prohibit three separate categories. The state will need to ensure that they follow all of the laws where an employee is forbidden to disclose their criminal history. Additionally, these employers will need to make sure they avoid making an employment offer condition upon an applicant having a clean background check. Finally, the employer will not even be able to conduct a background check even BEFORE they offer an applicant employment.

If this bill makes it through congress, they just as well call it The Extortion Bill, because it will force all 50 states to almost forgo background checks completely. Workplace safety? What’s that?

What do you think about this terrible bill being supported by Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters? Your comments would be appreciated!




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