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Ted Cruz Just Landed A Killshot On Woke CEO’s!

After the passage of Georgia’s new voting law, an interesting thing happened. A multitude of CEOs of several major American companies started tripping all over themselves to condemn the new law because they were harassed by America’s far-left terrorists over it. Once these liberal nutjobs showed up with pitchforks and torches, it was all these individuals could do to cower in their boardrooms and then leave them just to cave in to them as much as possible. Apparently these individuals do not run the country any longer; it is those on the far-left who do instead.

Apparently, even CBS News got into the act, promoting a story called “3 Ways Companies Can Fight Georgia’s Restrictive New Voting Law.”

Sadly, their efforts have worked. For example, Delta CEO Ed Bastian announced that he was walking back his previous comments on the voter ID law, instead issuing a “damage control statement” where he claimed that the law “was going to make it harder for many Georgia residents in Black and Brown communities to exercise their voting rights.” Major League Baseball even got into the act with their decision to pull the All-Star Game out of Atlanta because of pressure from many different corporate sponsors and even government officials such as President Joe Biden himself. Finally, Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey caved in, saying that this act “would diminish or deter access to voting.”

If this were the scope of it, that would be bad enough. However, there are 60 other executives and businesses that have condemned and publicly blasted the law. Companies such as HP, American Express, MasterCard, Nordstrom, Verizon, Starbucks, Pfizer, Uber, Google, GE, Bank of America, Merck, and Boeing have all unfairly come out against this new law.

However, Republican Senator Ted Cruz was having none of it. He said that he believes it is time for stand up against these protests and against these “woke” CEOs. Cruz took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal in his efforts to put these CEOs in their place. He began his piece by writing, “Your Woke Money Is No Good Here” and said that these “woke” CEOs had better not expect the GOP to give them help when regulations and high taxes bury them half to death.

Cruz also blasted these businessmen for just how obvious it was that they were simply just going off of liberal crib notes when it came to condemning this new Georgia law. “If these watch-me-woke-it-up CEOs had taken the time to read the bill, they would have discovered that these liberals have no idea what they are talking about. A clutch of business leaders were trying to score brownie points with the left, but they ended up just becoming clowns instead.”

Cruz then admonished fellow members of the GOP, saying that it was time that they stopped ignoring this poor behavior from CEOs just because they are “job creators.” He said that the GOP should strike back against these liberal outrages, issuing the following statement: “This time, I don’t think that we should look the other way when it comes to the fact that Coca-Cola owes $12 billion in back taxes. When Major League Baseball lobbies to preserve that multi billion dollar antitrust exemption that they are so proud of, we should say, no thank you. Finally, when Boeing says that they want billions in corporate welfare, we will just let that Export-Import Bank go by the wayside.”

Cruz said that he was tired of these CEOs being “fair-weather friends” and that he had received $2.6 million in corporate PAC contributions. However, he said that he was longer taking their money. “When the time comes for you all to have a tax break, I hope the Democrats take your calls, because we aren’t doing it any longer.”

What do you think about Ted Cruz’s stand against all of the liberal bullying going on in Georgia due to their new voting law? Your comments are appreciated!


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