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This One Poll Has Just CRUSHED The Liberal Narrative!

Whatever your political persuasion might be, there are some facts of life that you literally cannot escape from. The first fact is that you can bet your bottom dollar that liberal Democrats will always have an agenda. The second fact would be that the “real facts” will ALMOST NEVER support real life. One example can be found in a recent LIBERAL poll, no less, and it shows that the “woke narrative” that Democrats usually pat themselves on the back for having is no more than bunk.

The Background of This Poll

The poll was taken by Vox, which has long been known for their liberal viewpoints. Thus, they are hardly a bastion of conservatism. However, they recently sent out a poll that showed that all ages, ethnicities, and political parties wanted more police patrols.

This comes on the heels of the George Floyd and Derek Chauvin controversy, and tensions between the police and civilians have been incredibly rocky as a result. However, one thing that all parties can agree on is that they want to see more police patrols in their neighborhood.

Vox’s Data For Progress survey took place between April 2 and April 9 and it featured a group of over 1,200 likely voters. A majority of the respondents in that group DID want to see lawmakers pass more police reforms in Congress.

Reforming the Police

There are quite a few reforms that they have sought. These liberals are seeking a federal ban on such things as chokeholds (71 percent) and the vast majority of them would like to see body cams required for these law enforcement officers (84 percent).

However, it seems that the one thing that both liberals and conservatives can agree on would be that “basically everyone – Republican, Democrat, old, young, black, brown, white – said that they are going to feel safer with increased police patrols in their neighborhoods,” according to Vox’s German Lopez. Needless to say, this definitely throws a wrench in the whole “defund the police” narrative that liberals normally will espouse. Indeed, they have been pushing it harder than ever in the past year.

Going Against the Media

The liberal Vox Media reported on some further conditions:

“A majority of the voters will favor some type of reallocation: 63 percent would agree that a certain degree of funding should be shifted from police departments in order to establish a new agency that will focus on addiction and mental-health related needs. This includes 60 percent of Independents, 43 percent of Republicans, and 83 percent of Democrats.”

There is no question that conservatives keep growing weary of police officers who will refuse to back the constitutional rights regarding churches. By the same token, the typical anti-police narrative continues to be parroted by leftish politicians.

This Vox survey is no friend of conservative thought, but even it shows that the agenda of the leftists and the politicians is way off base.

What do you think about these new revelations?

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