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What One Liberal Teacher Forced Her Second Grade Students To Watch Is Beyond Sickening!

Greenwich, Connecticut is hardly a bastion of conservative thought, but due to a lesson in a local second-grade classroom there are many parents who are seeing red and with good reason. Apparently, this liberal school and liberal second-grade classroom was shown a video detailing a graphic description of child sexual abuse. The Greenwich Free Press detailed the story, which was about a video that showed a cartoon video of a figure that had fully erect male genitalia. The name of the video was “Alfred Jr. and Shadow: A Short Story About Being Scared” and it was shown during a virtual class about social and emotional learning. Needless to say, parents are furious with this online teacher.

The Teacher Showed Disturbing Images of Sexual Abuse

This ten-minute video was more thoroughly described by the New York Post, and it is ten minutes in duration. Unfortunately, this video is normally only reserved for child therapy sessions. The video shows two cartoon owls that are talking about disturbing experiences for kids, including some “stuff that is extremely difficult to talk about.”

They had descriptions of events in the video, beginning with “all children can be ‘normalscared’, but what about children who have been ‘painfulscared’ and ’embarrassedscared’?”

Of course, forget about the fact that some of those words don’t even exist, but then things in this video get much, much worse.

Apparently, after this description, the video immediately cuts away to a silhouette of a man who is obviously naked and who obviously has a fully erect private part. There is a terribly frightened young child right next to the man, and the video describes how the man is forcing the child to perform illegal acts upon him.

Why Some Parents Opt For Homeschooling

This example right here is a classic example of why some parents go ahead and skip public liberal school altogether and find the time and energy to homeschool their kids. Just to sum it up, this video is absolutely insane. Children walking away from that film will have developed more questions than answers. Indeed, the great majority of these children will simply just develop a fear of something happening to them that is highly unlikely. Yes, there is nothing wrong with introducing this video in therapy with children where something like this has ALREADY happened, but for the love of all that is good don’t unnecessarily traumatize kids where this HASN’T happened to them!

Additionally, you’ve got to wonder just who decided to put the government in charge of teaching our children the subjects of “social and emotional learning” in the first place! Teaching them about social studies? Sure. But do you really think that it is wise for a bunch of elitist condescending bureaucrats to be in charge of teaching our children about these things? I sure don’t. Especially when you consider that they think the best way to teach them about “social and emotional skills” would be to show them a cartoon of a naked man trying to make an advance on a young girl. What in the Sam Hill is wrong with these people?!

Do you agree that these educators have lost their minds? Your comments would be appreciated.

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