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Lifelong Democrat Has HAD ENOUGH And Has Jumped!

John Lee is the Mayor of North Las Vegas and he is a lifelong Democrat. He really felt that he would be a lifelong member of this party, and he was a loyal kool-aid drinker for many years. However, lately, he has finally been waking up and smelling the coffee. He is realizing more and more that the Democrats are not the party of his youth. He has realized that the far-left agenda is nothing more than socialism, pure and simple.

Unlike many of the other proponents of socialism, John Lee learned early on that it wasn’t such a good deal. Thus, he could only react in horror when he realized just what was going on in his party. Although it was a last resort, Lee felt that his only recourse was to jump ship and join the Republican party, and that’s exactly what he did.

The Democrat Party is No More

It was last Tuesday morning when John Lee shocked the political world and came out of the closet to his constituents as a Republican. This was a man who was born and raised by true-blue Democrats, but he, first of all, realized that he was more of a DINO than a true-blue liberal Democrat.

Lee decided to make his big announcement on Fox News, and the commentators there quickly pointed out that he is “the most prominent Democratically-elected official to switch parties since Joe Biden was inaugurated.”

Mayor Lee said that he first noticed some of the “recent leadership changes” within the Nevada Democrat Party, and he couldn’t help but notice that it appeared to be a “Socialist takeover.”

Thus, Mayor Lee decided to make the change, and his staff worked hard to redesign his campaign website to reflect a man who is now loyal to the Republican party. Mayor Lee realized that the Democrat party was over as he knew it, so he decided to rip the band-aid off quickly.

“Yes, I’ve been a registered Democrat on paper for most of my voting life, and I did, in fact, make the switch in my heart quite a while ago. On some things, there just isn’t a compromise.” Indeed, Lee was so convinced in his principles that he even voted twice for Donald Trump.

Mayor Lee: Popular With the NRA

Mayor Lee believes that he will feel right at home carrying a GOP registration card for yet another reason: he has always got on well with Ted Nugent and the other spokesmen for the NRA. He is proud of his A+ rating from the National Rifle Association and his pro-2nd Amendment and pro-life values.

Of course, there are plenty of times where Mayor Lee has gone ahead and voted with the Democrats, but now that he is a Republican his new party is willing to forget that and move on with him as a new member. On the other hand, the Nevada Democrat Party has said “no comment” when reporters ask about this.

Hopefully, Lee is the first of many defections over the next four years.

What do you think about this big news of the newest Republican in the state of Nevada? Your comments are appreciated!

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