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Newly Released Video Of Gov Whitmer Is Raising Some BIG TIME Questions!

I have to say that I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. No, I can’t say I’ve ever been to the state, but I also can’t say I want to live there, either.

I really don’t know what it is about Governor Whitmer, but seriously, something about the woman just seems a bit off. Many individuals on the right think that she is the younger version of Nancy Pelosi (probably a closet alcoholic like her as well, LOL). Either way, this recent video of Governor Whitmer has been making the rounds, and she was attempting to discuss her views on voter ID laws and how she would veto any bill regarding that in which she disagrees with. Well, that’s all well and good, but it’s HER VIDEO that is creeping people.

You see, simply put, she has the usual background items regarding her state, and there is no question that Michigan DOES have a lot to offer. However, one of the things that is creeping people out is that she has a pillow (yes, you read that right, a PILLOW) with COVID-19 physician Dr. Fauci’s face on it!

In the video, Whitmer was attacking Republicans for proposing legislation to ensure secure elections as well.

“There wasn’t fraud in a way that this big lie perpetuated and caused people to feel anxious and caused some unthinkable actions on January 6,” she began. “The fact of the matter is this: this is a solution in search of a problem and it is unacceptable. If and when this bill is at my desk where they are aiming to make it harder for people to vote, it will get vetoed.”

That’s all well and good, governor, and you are definitely entitled to your opinion, but boy, you sure have a weird background, to say the least!

Of course, it didn’t take long for conservatives on Twitter to call out just how creepy this idolatry that people on the left such as Whitmer have with Dr. Fauci.

Indeed, an individual named Caleb Hull shared screenshots of the video with the pillow circled. “Kill me,” he stated in his caption.

“This was strategically placed of course,” one individual responded. “It’s nothing more than propaganda.”

Another individual responded, saying, “This could be the last straw that gets me to leave this state.”

Again, I’m not a Michigander, and never have been, but boy, I sure can echo these sentiments.

What do you think about Governor Whitmer’s creepy video? We appreciate your comments!

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