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Journalist FNALLY Admits Biden Is Making The World MORE DANGEROUS!

Sky News Host James Morrow has some things to say about President Joseph Robinette Biden, and they aren’t very pretty, to say the least. Although most of the time these news hosts are now reliably liberal, Morrow had to concede during a recent broadcast that he thinks that Biden has made the world a “more dangerous place.” America’s enemies are continuing to become more aggressive. Biden? He’s asleep at the wheel and too busy trying to make the U.S. Military a “woke” institution.

“This past Friday, Chinese forces started to commit their largest ever incursion into the airspace of Taiwan. Worries continue to grow on a daily basis of a Chinese invasion of this island republic that embraces Democracy,” the news host said. “Meanwhile, the Middle East is having their share of problems as well. Iran continues to march with rebel militias and keeps attacking Saudi oil fields. They are also building up a stockpile of missiles that has many individuals concerned that a devastating conflict will occur sooner or later.”

However, Morrow wasn’t done yet. “Here in Australia, we are encountering increasing concern at the behavior of the Americans, as we watch them put their head in the sand instead of stepping up their military presence in order to meet the demand. Instead of stepping up to meet their responsibilities, the U.S. military is more concerned about the P.C. police.”

Indeed, you have to wonder just how long it will take until the Americans go down the same road as the Soviet Union and they have the same political officers that will check everyone’s thinking. We just might be living in George Orwell’s 1984, folks.

“At this rate, the Chinese won’t even need to defeat America on the battlefield,” Morrow said. “Under Biden, the Americans continue to become more like China anyway as they continue to fall for nonsensical PC fads and identity politics.”

Do you agree with this Australian politician that Biden’s foreign policy could end up being disastrous for our world? Comments are appreciated!

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