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GOP Is Opening An Investigation Of TRAITOR Georgia Officials!

Let’s say that you are walking down the street and see some guy breaking into someone’s car. There’s no mistake that he is doing it. You walk right on past and don’t do anything to stop what is happening.

In some states, there are actually laws on the books that can have you charged with ac rime yourself if you don’t stop someone from committing an obvious crime. Now, where does this tie into our efforts to make sure that everyone knows about how much theft went on in the 2020 election?

There are officials in many states, Georgia being one of them, that saw that this was going on and did nothing to stop it…

The Georgia State Republican Party is calling for an investigation into the state officials responsible for attributing false quotes to President Trump which were later repeated in the media and presented as evidence in his second impeachment.

Here come the consequences of Raffensperger’s failure to stop the steal. The quotes were attributed to a phone call between President Trump and Georgia Secretary of State chief investigator Frances Watson, the full audio of which was released last week prompting a rare retraction from the Washington Post as the new audio exonerated Trump completely.

The DailyWire reports,

“The State Executive Committee of the Georgia GOP passed a resolution last week calling for an investigation into Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs, Secretary of State chief investigator Frances Watson, and others over the scandal. The party announced the resolution on Friday.”

The State of Georgia GOP’s resolution described the allegations,

“WHEREAS, it has been reported that the chief investigator for the Secretary of State secretly recorded a telephone conversation with President Donald J. Trump and further reported Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs mischaracterized the contents of that conversation in a series of anonymous news interviews; and

WHEREAS, the subsequent false reporting was used as “evidence” by Democratic Members of Congress in the second impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump; and

WHEREAS, persons unknown within the Office of Secretary of State attempted to destroy the secret recording which contradicted Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs’ reported mischaracterization of the contents of that call;”

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