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Biden In The HOT SEAT As “The Plan” Has Been EXPOSED!

As someone that lives in the great state of Florida, I can tell you within no uncertain terms that preparing for disasters is always a thing in my mind.

I remember about a year after we moved down here, we got hit with a pretty sizable hurricane that knocked out some stuff for a few days. We didn’t have power for a little while and it took a little longer to get things like cable and internet back. We had about a month worth of water for a family of four in the garage, and we were situated pretty well given the circumstances.

My sister-in-law wasn’t as fortunate as us. Her house was closer to the water and as such, it took a lot longer for essential services to come back on. Even her water was shut off for a little while. Now, once our stuff was back together she stayed over with us and we would give her stuff until her situation improved. That being said, if she lived next door to us and were in the same boat we were in, we wouldn’t have given her as much stuff. Take care of your own house first, before you take care of someone else…

Proving that Donald Trump was right all along, Joe Biden is in the hot seat again as his true priorities are becoming obvious to the American people.

Donald Trump said that his administration was handling the pandemic and vaccine rollout just fine, and he was right. Less than two months into the Biden administration, the United States is doing so well with the vaccine rollout, which is based on the Trump administration’s plan, that we apparently have enough vaccines to start sending them to foreign countries.

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, the Biden administration is in the process of finalizing efforts to send 2.5 million doses of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine to Mexico, and 1.5 million to Canada, as a “loan.”

“Our first priority remains vaccinating the U.S. population,” Psaki said at the daily briefing, adding that “ensuring our neighbors can contain the virus is a mission critical step, is mission critical to ending the pandemic.”

KWCH reports: “The AstraZeneca vaccine has not been authorized for use in the U.S. but has been by the World Health Organization. Tens of millions of doses have been stockpiled in the U.S. should it receive emergency use authorization, sparking an international outcry that lifesaving doses were being withheld when they could be used elsewhere.”

These doses could, and should, be distributed to the American people, but are instead going to be shipped out of the United States. Democrats have chosen to help other countries, rather than their fellow citizens.

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