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Top Democrat Is BLOWING THE WHISTLE on Slipping Joe!

The idea that you have to agree with someone all of the time just because of perceived alliances is nutty, to begin with.

Say you and your friend are both fans of a football team. You can both like the team on a base level but one can love the way the coach operates and one could totally hate those same methods.

The same thing goes for politics. You can be a Republican and not agree with every single Republican principle. Sure, people might look at you a little weird but hopefully, you get my point.

What’s happening right now with Democrats is that so many of them are trying to automatically fall in line with what Slipping Joe is trying to do that they are willing to cannibalize those in the party that even slightly disagree with them.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin totally broke ranks with the progressive party to blow the whistle on the crisis caused by Imperial Leader Joe Biden and Vice-Empress Kamala Harris.

It’s amazing. Everyone thought DINOs were extinct but ever since the selection, Democrats in Name Only have been crawling out of the swamp to criticize the Imperial Leader. Particularly, the one-world-government wide open borders policy endorsed by the Palace.

Liberal Senator Joe Manchin finally woke up and realized that what the New York post calls a “rapidly spiraling situation at the US border” is actually a “crisis.”

He’s still a Democrat so was extremely careful with his wording but he kept jumping up and down to blow the alarm whistle on one key point. “It’s a crisis,” Manchin told CNN, “Oh, it’s a crisis.”

Even CNN has taken notice, this time, of the horde massing to the south and planning invasion. They called it a “surge in migrants heading toward the border.”

Democrat registered Manchin didn’t quite blame the Imperial Palace for rolling out a red carpet but he came close. “Whatever message was sent — it was sure interpreted the wrong way.”

The official Democrat message sent by His Wisdom was “Trump’s gone so c’mon up man.” CNN actually admits the truth when they write, “in undoing former President Donald Trump’s border initiatives, President Biden unleashed a flood of Central American and Mexican illegal migrants at the US border, including thousands of un-escorted children.”

They can’t put the kids in cages so they’re jailing them. Everyone else gets dropped off at the nearest Greyhound station.

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