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The Biden Team Has Just Set An Absolutely HORRIBLE Record!

Normally, if you are trying to set a record, you try to set a record that will put you in good standing with people or impress them in a good way. Or at least make them laugh.

I had a running joke with the guy that runs my local pharmacy as to what the record for lowest copay will be on medicine I am picking up. Turns out, the record was fourteen cents for a two-week supply of a blood pressure medicine to keep as a backup while on vacation a few years ago.

Another example of a good or impressive record? The amount of time it takes to pack up a whole house for a move. Or a number of points scored in a basketball game. Joe Biden isn’t interested in making those kinds of records.

Oh no, he’s more of the type of record that will make you want to retch at the sheer awfulness of that.

It took seven weeks for the Biden-Harris regime to start shattering records… even President Trump’s…of course, the worst kind of record in history.

Not too long ago, Democratic-Socialists were kneeling in parking lots for … photo-ops and weeping openly for the 2,600 illegal immigrant children held in detention centers due to coming across the border unaccompanied or with potentially unrelated people. President Trump was reviled, he was evil, he was callous and heartless.

How could he separate these children from people who claimed to be their parents without a single bit of proof that they were even related? Wait.. what?!?

But never mind that, in less than seven weeks Biden’s neutered Department of Homeland Security has managed to place 3,200 children into the EXACT. SAME. FACILITIES. According to Breitbart, “The children are being held in jail-like cells that are not designed for children, CNN reported. Border Patrol is unable to release the children to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) due to the overcrowding in Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) long-term shelters.”

It’s almost as if…somebody hadn’t INVITED them, we wouldn’t have this problem… Imagine that.

And from the left? ..crickets..

Unite America First reports, “Many of the children under Biden are being held for more than 72 hours, the maximum allowed under the law.” “The 3,200 migrant children in Border Patrol custody shattered a record set during the Trump administration. As migrants surged across the border in 2019, the number of children held by Border Patrol without a parent peaked at 2,600, former CBP officials told CNN.”

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