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LEAKED News Report On Joe Biden’s Dementia Has Gotten Out! [VIDEO]

About ten or twelve years ago, I had to travel to Europe for about a week and a half on business and spent a lot of time in my hotel room watching television when I wasn’t in meetings.

They had a lot of the local television stations on the TV in the hotel which meant you got to watch how they did their local news. It was pretty cool because things were just a little bit different.

Also, it means that they get to report on things news stations in the United States would never dream to report on. Hell, you think if Joe Biden had full-blown dementia that they would report on it here in the United States?

Facebook is at war with Australia but is it really about being charged for content or is it because they dislike some of the content. They have covered Joe Biden in this country, so why wouldn’t we believe they wouldn’t do the same in Australia?

We don’t know if that’s what they are doing but we do know that the Australian news media believes Joe Biden suffers from dementia. Australian reporter Cory Bernardi is reporting on it.

Bernardi shared this on Friday:

“Such was the hatred of Donald Trump by the partisan and poisonous mainstream media that they chose not to highlight anything that may have derailed a Biden victory. Even now after he’s been sworn in many are still refusing to speak the truth.”

SKY News reported:

It is clear US President Joe Biden is not up to the task he has been “sworn in to do”, according to Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“Never before has the leader of the free world been so cognitively compromised,” Mr Bernardi said.

“It’s clear to me at the least that US President Joe Biden is struggling with dementia and is clearly not up to the task he’s been sworn in to do.”

Mr Bernardi said it is something which was “evident” during the election campaign, but the “partisan and poisonous” mainstream media chose not to highlight anything which could have “derailed a Biden victory”.

“Even now, after he has been sworn in, many of them are still refusing to speak the truth about Biden’s lack of capacity.”

Joe Biden recently emerged to make his “sanitised” Presidential Town Hall Debut, at which the new president “promptly gave away his teleprompter”.

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