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Trump Just Trolled Democrats Big Time With An AMAZING MOVE!

You can get back at people without really doing much if you know what really gets them mad.

We have always had that one person where we work or a member of the family that hates a certain food. So, what do you do when they are getting on your case? You put a plate full of whatever it is they hate right in front of them and they offer no other explanation.

Donald Trump, while mostly enjoying himself following four years of contentious meddling from Democrats, and I am not going to even get into the stolen election, is already working on ways to stay stuck inside these people’s heads.

Liberals just proved exactly how illiterate they are. Not a single one of them understand what former President Donald Trump was really saying on the subject of mail-in ballots. He never had a problem with them, per se. He had a problem with the ones which were automatically sent out to people who didn’t ask for them.

There is a huge difference. The former president just asked for one and Democrat heads exploded all over Twitter.

Democrats will never let former President Donald Trump have a single moment of peace after he dared to insist on election integrity.

He wasn’t real happy about having two elections in a row rigged against him, especially when the second one was stolen right out from under his nose in plain sight on TV.

Trump had a big problem with all the extra and unaccounted for ballots which mysteriously turned up in the middle of the night. No matter how hard his legal team fought, they were doomed from the beginning. The New World Order is sponsored by the Rothschild family. Thanks to their unlimited supply of money, we now have the one world government they have been engineering for so long. They have enough money to buy, neutralize, or “extract” which is a kind word for murder, anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Evidence can disappear, witnesses suddenly change their stories. Literally anything can be bought with enough money and they have more than anyone can even start to count. George Soros, Barack Obama, and the Clintons are only their puppets. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are simply the current faces of global imperialism.

Now that Donald Trump has been exiled to Palm Beach, Florida, he requested his lawful mail-in ballot for an upcoming municipal election. Dragging all those secret service agents to the local elementary school on election day tends to be a little disruptive.

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