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They Dragged The CORRUPT JUDGE Out, and The Courtroom Absolutely ERUPTED! [VIDEO]

There is nothing more satisfying to me than when someone that plainly abused their power gets what is coming to them or gets proven to be totally incompetent in another area.

We had a guy that I worked with for a while in this one office that got picked to be in charge of a department that he had no idea how to run. Everyone told the company that this guy was terrible and that he had been getting propped up by other people.

Well, they let him run and he was fired within two months. Now, you would like to think that this type of thing wouldn’t happen to someone like a judge, but yeah, it does happen.

Justice is served as a corrupt judge was physically dragged out of a courtroom by law enforcement — and the whole thing was caught on video.

Tracie Hunter, a former juvenile court judge, was convicted of using her position to help a member of her family avoid charges.

In 2014, she was convicted and received a six-month sentence for unethically providing information to her brother in relation to one of his job disputes. Hunter decided to fight the conviction for nearly six years, until now.

The former judge illegally shared information with her brother, Stephen Hunter, about a juvenile offender he had been accused of assaulting in his job in youth corrections. The information was supposed to be used to help him keep his job. It ultimately failed, and Hunter was fired from his position.

Tracie Hunter has maintained her innocence throughout the appeals process.

“I did not violate any laws, nor did I secure a public contract. I didn’t do anything to keep the employment of my brother secure. Indeed, he had worked for the court for seven years before I was even elected as a judge. They should drop these ridiculous charges immediately. I believe they are extremely unrighteous and unlawful,” she told local news outlet WLWT.

The day that Hunter’s sentence was set to begin was delayed several times, until July of 2019, when Judge Dinkelacker ordered that she begin her sentence immediately.

When it was announced that the bailiff was taking Hunter into custody to begin her sentence, the courtroom erupted. One woman, who appears to be a member of Hunter’s family, attempted to attack the bailiffs.

Hunter refused to cooperate, and was physically dragged out of the courtroom.


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