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KARMA: Trump Turncoats Are Now Facing MAJOR Backlash!

If you use plain speaking terms and real-life situations, you can pretty much explain just about anything. My youngest son is fifteen and he was asking me about something he saw on the news about Senators that are getting some flack right now for the way they have been treating Trump. I explained it all in very simple terms.

I told him to imagine if he and a bunch of other friends picked another friend to go to get pizza for them, and they all gave their money to this guy and said to get two pepperoni pizzas and two sausage pizzas.

I then told him to imagine what would his reaction be if the guy came back with nothing but mushroom pizzas. He’d be pretty upset right? Well, that’s basically what is happening right now with the Republican Party.

Don’t do what is politically expedient. The American people are beyond fed up with that.

Trump spoke honestly to the people and we appreciate that more than politicians are going to understand. Truth and loyalty matters in a big way at a time when there is neither. Understandably, there’s backlash toward those who have turned against Trump. Senator Richard Burr may be getting censored over his vote to convict President Trump.

Is unknown. It may go to the point of where Gov. Gavin Newsom is, people so furious with him that a third attempt at a recall is going on. Get him out of office as soon as possible since elections may not even be trustworthy anymore.

The North Carolina Republican Party will vote Monday night whether or not to censure Rep. Richard Burr. Burr initially voted against the trial being constitutional at all, but then he’d be an “impartial juror”. Not likely.

If you just speak and vote whether something even makes sense. Trump being impeached twice had nothing to do with common sense. It was all about the smear and everybody who understands Trump knows this.

NC GOP Chairman Michael Whatley pointed out the obvious hypocrisy of voting to convict “in a trial that he declared unconstitutional is shocking and disappointing.” If you voted that the trial was unconstitutional to begin with, why on earth did you vote to convict? Did somebody threaten or make a deal with you?

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