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Trump’s Attorney FORCED To Undergo Armed Security Detail!

If there is one thing that Democrats said in the day of the Obama Administration it was that they needed to leave Obama’s children out of things. They’re just kids, right?

This means that this sort of thing should apply to everyone’s kids. Now, there are a lot of folks out there that are mad that Trump “beat the rap” a second time with this recent impeachment.

This isn’t his lawyer’s fault, and certainly not the fault of his lawyer’s family. They should be left the hell alone.

Former President Donald Trump was acquitted in his second Senate impeachment trial on Saturday. Seven GOP senators voted to convict Trump – but failed to achieve the two-thirds majority needed to convict. Now Trump’s attorney is facing death threats from the unhinged Left.

Political insider Armstrong Williams joined The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat Monday morning to discuss Trump’s acquittal and the future of the GOP party.

As to whether he thinks we’ll see Trump run for office in the future: “Of course,” said Williams. “The only thing that he has stacked against him is time.”

But Williams is concerned that Trump’s recent statement following his acquittal lacks accountability.

“You would think that after he was acquitted, he would have had some gratitude,” said Williams. “What we continue to see is that this former president blames everyone else. He takes no accountability or responsibility for anything that happens. And I must tell you, that is not leadership.”

Do the GOP officials who voted to convict the president indicate a rift in the Republican party? Williams says “it’s much deeper than that.”

“Morality matters. Truthfulness matters. Your behavior matters. And they have a conscience, and It’s good to show there are people in this country that have a conscience. And sometimes they do what their conscience tells them, not what is politically expedient,” said Williams. “We need people to step outside their political parties and say look, I’m going to do the moral thing, no matter the consequence.”

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