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Sleepy Joe ADMITS That They Don’t Have The VOTES!

Imagine you are planning a big vacation for you and your family where you all want to go somewhere really nice, and kinda expensive.

You talk and talk about all of the things that you want to do on this trip, and you start coming up with the plan of what you are going to do during that time. You save and save for months to get the money to go on the trip.

Then, once you get there you realize that the prices to do each of those things changed and that you aren’t going to be able to do all of the things that you wanted…

Imperial Leader Joe Biden was forced to admit that they won’t be able to railroad former President Donald Trump’s impeachment conviction as planned. It appears that the Senate isn’t as firmly locked into New World Order as the Democrats would like.

There are still a significant number of patriotic believers in the American Constitution fighting a desperate, Alamo-like, last stand for the Republic.

In fact, a sufficient number of them to repel an impeachment conviction of Donald Trump in the Senate. CNN wasn’t happy when Biden informed them that “he didn’t think enough” senators would vote to convict.

Democrats in the House couldn’t wait for Nancy Pelosi to deliver their beloved articles of impeachment against the only president in generations who stood up for the Constitution, secure borders, and the rule of law. Globalists like Joe Biden who virtually had borders erased under Barack Obama were furious at Trump’s rampant nationalism.

It undid decades of their work. In the eyes of Democrats, he must be punished, and punished severely. Otherwise, all those deplorable “conservatives” might start trying to exercise what used to be rights under the Second Amendment.

Nervous political observers in the left-wing media call it “an early sign of Trump’s enduring sway over the party.” Biden and his ilk refuse to consider the fact that the patriot movement was in full swing long before they adopted Donald Trump as their negotiator-in-chief. Okay, so negotiations have broken down. The figurehead of Nationalism did his best.

Conservative Americans have been crushed by the New World Order in such political battles before. Trump did not create the movement, the movement produced Trump. Another standard bearer will eventually materialize and the revolution will keep rolling along. Unless the Democrats crush it out of existence before it goes another turn. They just learned that’s not going to be as easy as they thought.

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