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ALERT: Mike Pence Has Just Made An Important Announcement!

Being someone that seems like they are the type of person to want to get things done, you have to admire a guy like Mike Pence.

He is in a position that a lot of people have been in here he could never do a single thing ever again and he would be set for life. Who is going to ever ask the qualification of any position of someone that was the Vice President?

Anyway, when someone gets to the position he was in, you kind of have your choice of how you want to continue to live. You could go quietly into the night and live a life of solitude, or you could continue to serve your fellow citizens.

He’s picking the one where he continues to serve people.

Confirming a story reported by Breitbart News, former Vice President Mike Pence has made another huge announcement: he is joining the Heritage Foundation.

On February 4, Mike Pence and the Heritage Foundation each issued a press release confirming that Pence will be a distinguished visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Breitbart News originally reported on the story, confirming it with information from sources familiar with the matter.

“SCOOP: Former Vice President Mike Pence to join Heritage Foundation, sources confirm to Breitbart’s Matt Boyle. Story TK,” Breitbart tweeted.

After Breitbart leaked the story, the former vice president issued a press release discussing his decision to join the conservative organization.

“The Heritage Foundation is a flagship of the conservative movement and I am profoundly honored to join them as a distinguished visiting fellow to advance conservative policies that will benefit every American. The Heritage Foundation helped shape my conservative philosophy for decades and played a pivotal role advancing conservative policies throughout the Trump Administration,” Pence wrote.

“I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and working with the all-star team at Heritage as we continue to take the case for a strong national defense, free markets and traditional values to policymakers across the Nation and to every American who cherishes our Heritage of Freedom,” he added.

Heritage Foundation President Kay Cole James then confirmed the story in another press release, citing Pence’s commitment to the Constitution and conservative values.

“Over the course of the past four years, our team at Heritage has worked closely with members of the Trump administration on a host of policy accomplishments. That’s why I am excited Vice President Mike Pence will join forces with Heritage to ensure we continue to advance conservative principles and policy solutions. His allegiance to the Constitution and commitment to advancing a conservative policy agenda make him an outstanding fit for The Heritage Foundation,” James said.

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