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Biden Has CAVED! White House Told Them To STOP IMMEDIATELY!

If you look hard enough, you can see people that change plans and back out of things all of the time.

I cannot count how many times in my life I have seen someone so excited to do something and then for whatever reason get second thoughts, or realize that it was a bad idea and have someone tells them it isn’t something they should do.

For example, there are probably lots of men over 350 pounds that might think it would be fun to go bungee jumping or something like that…

Anyway, Joe Biden is quickly walking back something that he was going to make a priority and at the very least it’s good to see the old man’s brain isn’t completely made of oatmeal

After intense backlash across social media, the White House-Pentagon plan has been suspended. A spokesperson for the Pentagon announced that the Department of Defense would be ‘pausing’ its plan to vaccinate terrorists at Guantanamo Bay.

U.S. Southern Command has said it expects to have enough vaccines for the approximately 1,500 personnel assigned to Guantanamo Bay, but apparently that wasn’t good enough for the Biden administration. Despite the fact that a substantial number of American citizens have yet to receive vaccines, the federal government decided that vaccinating terrorists was more important.

When the plan to vaccinate terrorists was announced, angry Americans took to social media to complain that convicted terrorists were being put before citizens.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott shared his outrage on Twitter. “This is CRAZY! Pres. Biden is giving COVID vaccines to terrorists at Gitmo—while hard working Texans are waiting for more shots from the federal government. We need more shots! Stop using them on terrorists who killed Americans,” Abbott wrote.

The social media backlash over the decision apparently happened fast enough that none of the vaccines reached these terrorists before the plan was paused.

Newly elected Republican Representative Lauren Boebert tweeted about the success of the American people’s fight against this plan: “Biden’s bureaucrats have decided to back away from moving terrorists in Guantanamo Bay to the front of the line for vaccines. We spoke and forced them to listen. This administration’s instincts will always be the worst, but we sane Americans are the majority.”

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