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Are Liberals Looking To IMPEACH Trump A Third Time?

There are some things that when a person does them you immediately plan to do it again at a later date.

Like the first time my wife and I went to this one vacation spot, there was this tour that we went on that was so fun we immediately began planning to do it the next time we went to that little town.

Now, when it comes to Democrats, they are an interesting breed due to the fact that they love doing things that are never going to give them the result that they want and that they never should be having any fun at.

Think of this, during an impeachment trial, everyone has to be there unless you are prepared to have words spoken over you and dirt thrown on you. That can’t be so fun that they want to do it over and over. It sounds like the time share seminar from hell.

There seems to be no end to Democrats’ whining about President Trump. He’s not even in office anymore and they are still focusing on impeaching him rather than helping the American people.

Far-left Representative Al Green, who stated that “there is no limit” to how many times the House and Senate can try to impeach President Trump, is now complaining about Trump supporters calling him out for it.

In December of 2019, Green stated that the Democrats would continue to try to impeach President Trump multiple times, acting like it was the sole purpose of Congress.

“A president can be impeached more than once. So, we can do this: we can move forward with what we have on the table currently, we can take this before the Senate and we can still investigate other issues, and when the president has committed additional offenses – and my suspicion is that he will – we can take those before the Senate,” Green said.

“There is no limit on the number of times the Senate can vote to convict or not a president, no limit to the number of times the House can vote to impeach or not a president. So, my belief is that [Pelosi] will probably say we’re going to move forward with what we have now, but we’re not going to end investigations and that there may be possible opportunities to do other things at a later time,” he added.

Paranoia About Trump Supporters

Now, Green is mad that Trump supporters have called him out for it in public, just like Maxine Waters called for Democrats to harass conservatives in public.

On a commercial flight to Nashville, Tennessee, Trump supporters saw Green and called him “Mr. Impeachment.” Green claims that they also made remarks that “something was going to happen” on that flight.

The Democrat noted that he was concerned that his head was exposed and he couldn’t look backward on the plane, as his identity was being passed around to other Trump supporters on the flight and he was afraid of what they may do.

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