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BREAKING: Trump’s Team GUTLESSLY Chickened Out!

If there is one thing that I hate, it is when people commit to someone and then back out at the last minute.

Donald Trump is right now in the fight of his life, one that he should not have to be in, and it seems people are committing things to him and then backing out once they realize that the work is going to be too hard.

I’ll admit, arguing an impeachment trial is a little bit different than talking down a traffic ticket, but people should at the very least be a little bit more loyal.

Former President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team has collapsed just days of ahead of his Senate impeachment trail, according to multiple news reports.

Multiple reports indicated that Butch Bowers, a South Carolina lawyer who assembled the impeachment defense team, and Deborah Barbier, a criminal defense lawyer in South Carolina, were no longer going to be part of Trump’s team and that the decision was “mutual.” Josh Howard, a North Carolina attorney, has also reportedly left Trump’s team, and South Carolina lawyers Johnny Gasser and Greg Harris are also reportedly out.

“The Democrats’ efforts to impeach a president who has already left office is totally unconstitutional and so bad for our country,” Jason Miller, an adviser to the former president, told The Daily Wire. “In fact, 45 Senators have already voted that it is unconstitutional. We have done much work, but have not made a final decision on our legal team, which will be made shortly.”

Republican strategist and Mitch McConnell ally Janet Mullins Grissom commented on the situation, writing: “If you’re Trump this is rather a no brainer. With Senate Rs aka the jury on record that impeaching former president is unconstitutional why spend money on lawyers?”

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