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Biden Is Quickly CRUMBLING Under The Pressure!

People always like to think that they know how things are going to be when they get into a particular situation.

The fact is, you can only plan for so many things and once you get into the driver’s seat, all your planning wouldn’t be able to tell you if there was a tree in the middle of the road three miles away from where you started.

Joe Biden is going through that right now. He started off with a lot of big ideas and not exactly the greatest way to execute them. As a result, he is already falling short and the frustration is setting in.

Joe Biden just can’t handle the pressure. After only being in office for two and a half days, Biden is already snapping at reporters for asking him even slightly challenging questions.

While Biden is used to softball questions, Donald Trump was never asked a single softball question by the mainstream media at any time in his presidency. The pressure that Trump handled with ease, Biden is crumbling under.

A reporter asked Biden if 100 million vaccines within 100 days is too low of a goal. Biden’s answer came with his favorite catch phrase.

“When I announced it, you all said it wasn’t possible. Gimme a break, come on, man,” he snapped.

The pressure might be getting to him. Within his first three days, Biden has already destroyed thousands of union jobs and provoked a lawsuit from Canada by ending the Keystone XL pipeline, and signed several other radical executive orders. He’s not exactly making many friends outside of the radical left.

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