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The Dem Secret Agenda Has Been Revealed And It’s WORSE Than We Imagined!

The vast majority of the time, the villain will try to convey that they are indeed a good person that is just horribly misunderstood.

Either that or they just flat out know that they are evil and revel in it. Let’s take the Democrats for a moment.

On the surface, or to the uninformed, they re trying to convey the idea that they are these champions of good when they are pulling so many strings behind the scenes to consolidate power for themselves that anyone with any shred of conservative principles will have to be on their toes for a good number of years.

The real Democrat agenda has emerged in the halls of Congress, it’s far worse than we originally thought.

They will ensure the GOP can never win another national election. Hans Von Spakovsky, an attorney and former FEC Commissioner is now tackling the progressive-socialist DNC’s new agenda of the century with the Heritage Foundation.

Their goal: The Federal Government will rip control of our elections away from the States, one of the last vestiges of state-sovereignty, truly making all 50 State Governments completely subservient to Washington, DC.

“This bill would be basically a federal takeover of the administration of elections. And the whole reason for that is so that they can frankly: manipulate the rules and make it easier to cheat. I mean another example of this is: this federal law would override and ban any State Voter ID law. Now the only reason for that is to decrease the security of the election process.”

OANN Host of Tipping Point, Kara McKinney also noted,

“And it also concerned me that I saw that this would also inhibit in many ways and restrict the states’ abilities to clean and purge their voter rolls as well.”

Constitutionally Questionable

The Constitutionality of this new package of election system shattering federal laws is highly questionable. While the US Constitution does provide allowances for Congress to “make or alter such Regulations” relative to “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives” under Article 1 Section 4, the new agenda would seem to run afoul of the 14th Amendment which handles apportionment of Representatives in the new laws requiring Independent Redistricting Commissions.

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