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Senile Sleepy Joe Caught Showing Why He’s Not Fit For Office! [VIDEO]

We all know people that are getting up there in years that aside from a few memory problems are otherwise ok.

That being said, we never put them in charge of anything important. When we get old, we want to make sure that we are taken care of, while at the same time aware of the fact that we shouldn’t be handed the keys to the car.

Take a look at what is going on with Joe Biden. He is in one of those situations where he has to pretend that everything is fine yet he knows that there is something wrong with him…

Some people hear voices in their heads.  A few of them actually listen to them.  Most of those people are on some kind of medication.

Joe Biden, However, depends on them to walk from point A to point B and is now in charge of the fate of The Western world.

Following his dismal and nearly vacant inauguration speech, Banana Republic Biden walked back into the Capitol Building.  On his way in, a voice in his ear piece–which he appears to rely on for everything, tells Joe to “salute the Marines.”

Instead of actually saluting the marines, Joe simply walks by them and mutters the words “salute the Marines,” without acknowledging any actual Marines.



Do you think there are people in that ear piece telling him to put one leg in front of the other when he needs to walk, too?

We wonder if any of Biden’s other bodily processes might be regulated by voices in that ear piece on a daily basis and look forward to many more misappropriated commands.

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