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Democrat Breaks Ranks, Stands TALL With President Trump!

To me, the notion of loyalty is something more important than what political party you belong to. Sure, party loyalty is important, but if your loyalty stretches to a personal level then that is the line you must go on.

There are a lot of people that because he ran as a Republican that tossed Donald Trump to the side. They in effect cast him off because of political beliefs. It’s sad and maddening that people would act in such a manner.

That being said, Democrats for the most part have been acting that just because you are a Democrat that you must cast people like Donald Trump off because of their political beliefs. Thankfully, there are people that for various reasons are making it a point to say that just because they might disagree politically, they are not casting them off to the side.

Speaking to Reuters, DAMAC Properties Chairman Hussain Sajwani said he is happy to continue his business relationship with President Donald Trump despite the House voting to impeach him for the second time.

Democrats claim that President Trump incited an attack on the Capitol last week that cost the lives of several people, including a Capitol Police officer.

Democrats want to cancel Trump

“Our relationship with the Trump Organization, and especially with Trump’s son and Trump Organization executive Eric Trump and his team, is fabulous and we have no intention to cancel or to change that relation,” he said, adding that he is “happy” to continue the relationship in any capacity.

“We always stay away from politics and we don’t get involved in politics and we have no view on any political issues. We are a very much a commercial organization and his organization has served us well,” Sajwani said.
President Trump is facing significant financial repercussions following the attack. The radical Left is doing everything in their power to smear President Trump as a racist White supremacist who attempted to overthrow the US Government. An absolutely absurd claim, that many brainwashed Americans are buying into thanks to the mainstream media and big tech.

The Democrats impeached President Trump for the second time, claiming he incited an insurrection after telling his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically have your voices heard.” Big Tech also took unprecedented action, banning President Trump from a dozen different platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Our election process was hijacked. Freedom of speech is dead. Next they’ll come for our guns. Then they’ll come for us…

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