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Rattlin’ Nancy Just Made A Rule And Then IMMEDIATELY BROKE IT!

What people should look for when they are trying to classify someone as a good leader is if they follow the rules that they want you to follow.

I have seen plenty of people who were in leadership roles that would never ask their people to do something that they would not do themselves, and I have seen people who act like everything is beneath them.

It’s sad. What’s even worse is when you have people that will make some kind of a rule and then immediately break it. You know, like Nancy Pelosi…

Rules matter, Ms. Pelosi. Without them we don’t have a nation. Why would you do this unless you don’t want a nation? If you’re going to make a particular set of rules, go through the proper procedure and stick to them yourself. Or are there too many rules to follow?

Ayn Rand spoke of this. Are you trying to avoid being purged by the Squad that has sights on burning the United States to the ground?

Also has the words “mother” and “grandmother”. People have lost jobs due to what was said online. But you’re the Queen. You can say and do whatever you want, right?

On January 4 Pelosi and Democrats adopted new rules for the 117th Congress. Among them was the requirement for gender-neutral language, including the words “mother”, “father” and “daughter”. No Republican voted for this.

Only days later. “I stand before you as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter. A daughter whose father proudly served in this Congress, “ Nancy proclaimed.

Some defended her. It’s not about how representatives speak, it’s geared more toward written communications. Looking at the rule though, there’s no language specifying communication either written or verbal.

The irony is staggering. Your hatred of the President has blinded you to the point of where you insist on creating history by impeaching the same President twice.

There was no need for this, no need for the Soviet style ban of particular words that you yourself ignored. The proposal encountered ridicule when it was brought up but this is Nancy Pelosi. It goes through whether anybody likes it or not.

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